This year has brought many interesting things, and I have decided to share with you today my favorites, the most special acquisitions of this year.

Prada Hat

I have noticed this small velour hat, that looks similar to an American sailor’s hat at the autumn-winter 2016 Prada fashion show. I have bought it when I just got to Italy. Now it is my favorite, it complements any outfit, bringing to it a perfect charm; you can wear it with raised and lowered brim.


Les Nereides “ballerina” earrings

I have told you about Les Nereides accessories in an article above, in which I have been telling you about the owner of the Parisian store Antonella. I wanted to buy something from my first visit, but the beauty and diversity of accessories didn’t let me choose that easily. But on a rainy day, when I came in just to greet Antonella I realized that I want the “ballerinas”. I didn’t regret my choice! The earrings are very gentle, feminine and suitable with nearly every outfit. But the most pleasant thing is that every time I wear them I get lots of compliments.


NARS red lipstick

I have a special relationship with the red lipstick: I love it gently! Since I have chosen my shade by Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood. I remained faithful to it for a long time. Unfortunately, it isn’t so easy to find this brand in Italy, so I had to search for an alternative. I’ve heard about NARS from my friends, and I was so happy when I have found my favorite red lipstick shade in their store. Now you can see me wearing this lipstick all the year around.


Les Nereides perfume

In the same day in which I have purchased the “ballerinas” earrings, they gave me a probe of Les Nereides Patchouli Precieux perfume as a present. This unisex fragrance with oriental notes, so special, passionate, fantastic instantly fascinated me.


Glasses wipes

I have discovered this new product in the famous European store: Tiger, where I went to make purchases for a fashion photo-shooting. I have noticed them at the checkout, and since that day the wipes have their own place of honor in my purse. Now they are my little helpers, that help me up and bring clear light to my glasses, keeping them perfectly clean.


Valentino ankle boots

Many of the famous brands had this year ankle boots in the style of late 19th century in their collections. After I have tried on many pairs in my favorite Chloe and Rossi I was almost desperate to find something that would fit me. Just in ValentinoI have found the perfect boots. The trendy sharp toe, the wide heel, and the soft leather make them very comfortable. I want to wear them everytime and everywhere.


The skirt and tunic by H&M and Kenzo

For a couple of years, the Swedish Brand H&M creates collections in collaboration with big fashion houses, this year they have collaborated with Kenzo. Although the collection is very vivid and provocative, I still have managed to find a skirt and a tunic for myself, with an original print in the kaleidoscope style. There are millions of way to wear a tunic: you can tuck it, you can wear it with a skirt, with pants or jeans or with your favorite pair of leggings. It is a must-have in the wardrobe of every fashionista. I am sure that I will wear it more than just one season. The skirt looks very original and interesting combined with a pair of jeans, although it can seem very pomp by its own.

img_8840sm img_8865sm collage-2

These are my favorite purchases of the year. What did you discover for yourself this year?


The skirt and tunic by H&M и Kenzo
Prada Hat
Les Nereides “ballerina” earrings
Valentino ankle boots
Glasses wipes Tiger
Les Nereides perfume
NARS red lipstick

Photo: Anastasia Kashina

Special thanks to  
Chianti restaurant



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