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Acqua Alta — the smell of books and the sea

Acqua Alta 4Acqua Alta or the phenomenon of periodical tide peaks in Venice called “High Waters”, hasn’t just become the name of one of the most unusual bookstores in the world, but also has determined its internal structure. Where else if not in gondolas, old boats, baths and kayaks can be stored books, which now and then risk being flooded.

This particular feature of the bookstore has become one of the most important keys to its success. Because nobody gets here by accident. For more than 13 years, daily, hundreds of tourists from all across the world come here to enjoy the atmosphere, find a rare book, or just admire the place.

Acqua Alta 1Acqua Alta 5Acqua Alta 3 Acqua Alta 16 The soul of this store “beyond time” is Luigi Frizzo, the person with “1000 professions”, because in the past he worked as a chef on cruise ships, as a croupier and a guide. Luigi is an adherent to Steiner’s philosophy, he believes in the unity of spirit, body and mind, and in the supersensible perception of the world. Probably this is the reason why the books about philosophy and esoterics are the most numerous in the shop. That’s why, although it may sound odd, a whole bathtub and two boats are allocated to this topics!!! 5 smart cats, that live in the store, with a royal attitude, walk over the books, showing this way who are the real “real boss” in this place.

You can wander in here for hours, looking at the book covers, enjoying this special atmosphere which is hard to describe with words. It’s better if you will just visit this place yourself at the earliest opportunity…and breathe in the smell of books and the sea.

Acqua Alta 10Acqua Alta 13

Aqua Alta: Calle Longa Santa Maria Formosa
| 5176 – Castello, 30122 Venice, Italy
Фото: Anna TsaplinaAironefoto.com



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