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Castelfranco Veneto and Giorgione’s homeland

DSC_1733On a warm September day, me and Elena Mihailo decided to visit a beautiful city, located in just an hour by  train from Venice – Castelfranco Veneto. For sure it was  love from  first sigh: antique architecture, rich cultural heritage and very beautiful facades. Today we will share with you impressions about the places that  are worth visiting.

foto067 foto069DSCF8332 DSC_9946Let’s travel back to the faraway 1195 when citizens  from Treviso founded this small and cosy city. The historical part of Castelfranco was surrounded by an impregnable high wall, a part of it is still present. As every construction of this type, it was surrounded by a deep moat…Nowadays, along the ancient walls and the historical part of the city there are a plenty of bars, restaurants, shops,  which are very inviting.

foto053 DSCF8332 DSCF4210 foto069 foto067 foto003

“Giorgione’s house” Museum – Museо “Casa Giorgione”      

IMG_5351Yes, in Castelfranco was born one of the most talented and mysterious Italian painters, Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco, more famous as Giorgione. In painter’s  hometown, in the house where he had spent his youth, was created the “Casa Giorgione” Museum. It’s not just a museum, it is an unique place, where every visitor can live and feel the period when the great painter lived and created.

Giorgione was  born in 1477 or  1478. The exact date of his birth is still unknown. The painter’s teacher was Giovanni Bellini. In a way, Giorgione has exceeded his teacher. Giorgione’s painting style was influenced by the greatest Maestro of all times – Leonardo Da Vinci. For a good reason, their works are exposed next to each other in Palazzo Pitti in Florence.

GIORGIONE (LA PALA)The life of Giorgione was very short and his cultural heritage is not very rich. In the whole world there are just two museums that owner two paintings of this author: Hermitage in St. Petersburg  and … “Casa Giorgione”.


Very soon, exactly, from 27th of October, in here will be held the unique exhibition called “Le Trame di Giorgione”, which we have spoken about recently in previous  article.

Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Tomb – Tomba Brion

IMG_7368The original concept of the Brion Tomb has made us think about many things, both earthly and unearthly. The futuristic tomb has created an impression of a mystery, a mysterious creator in the face of a force of nature or a human being. Important to notice that the architect Carlo Scarpa has designed this building under the order of the Brion family back in the 70s of last century. In here you can easily notice the connection between natural and artificial, the unpredictable human nature, the power of symbols…

IMG_5275 IMG_5292Just take a look at this photo and think that everything in our world is tied with invisible threads and everything in it changes very fast. The fleeting life rushes somewhere, and there is no way to stop the time. In this place, it is definitely possible to meditate and “hear” yourself.

IMG_5301 Tomba Brion


Villa Revedin Bolasco 

IMG_5237Villa Revedin Bolasco isn’t just a beautiful palazzo, built in the 18th Century,  it is also a place with a very interesting history. The first thing you notice when you get on its territory is the big amount of vegetation that surrounds the villa, and the beautiful architectural construction is somehow surrounding the garden with care and majesty.


The latest owners of the Villa, Revedin Bolasco marquises have been holding in here a lot of of receptions and private soirees. During the 60’s – 70’s of the last century, this place was the heart of the Italian Dolce Vita. In the ballroom designed and created by the architect Janbattista Medun (he also was engaged in the reconstruction of the Venetian Theater La Fenice and the Church of San Marco), were dancing and enjoying themselves the marquises themselves and also their titled guests. Can you imagine that in this Palazzo was shot the movie called “Lunatics and Lovers” starring Marcello Mastroianni, Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori…? Although during the Soviet Union there was a very strict censorship applied to movies, it was still authorized to be shown on the soviet screens. For those who want to admire the entourage and atmosphere of Villa Bolasco, feel its brilliance and beauty, as well as enjoying the play of the best Italian actors – we recommend you this movie.

DSC_1708 DSC_1710As we have already mentioned, the villa has a  luxurious garden. In this garden are collected different species of trees from all over the world. The family Bolasco loved travelling and from every trip  they always came back home with some special trees.

DSC_1730DSC_1734 DSC_1747 DSC_1748After the death of the last heiress, Renata Bolasco Villa Revedin Bolasco was donated to the State University of Padua, namely to the Faculty of Botanics. Just imagine for a minute that in these luxurious walls the students “feast the knowledge”.

Villa Emo

IMG_7369Villa Emo is one of the monuments of UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage, as well as all other creations of the architect Andrea Palladio. It represents the expression of a mature master, in here everything is absolutely perfect.

Not too many person know that most of Palladio’s creations where used by the owners as a country house, a sort of farm. It can be presumed, first of all, from its location – Villa Emo is located in a small village, Fanzolo. This Villa is the prototype of many country houses all over the world.

DSC_1760 DSC_1763The simplicity of the facade is highly contrasting with the splendour of interior decorations. All the murals were created by Palladio’s permanent painter, Giovanni Battista Zelotti. They rappresent the allegorical symbols of science, art  and, of course, agriculture.  Someone from the great ones called Villa Emo “the purest expression of the Venetian taste of life.” So it is, take a look.

DSC_1795 DSC_1815 DSC_1813 DSC_1804

DSC_1787 DSC_1798 DSC_1821Italy – the country of beauty, luxury and majesty. We wish to each of you discover at least a small part of  it  and we are sure that it will be one of the most remarkable and refined discoveries of your life!


Photo: Franco Vanzo
Special thanks to 
Castelfranco Veneto Town Hall & Gianfranco Giovine Vice Mayor



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