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The last week left a pleasant aftertaste, the fresh memories of the meetings and interesting new acquaintances warm my soul. Everything started with the meeting with the lovely model from Belarus – Tatiana, which is working in Milano for…

The trip to Paris: day #3

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Autumn crept into my beloved Milan. While the morning fog covers the entire sleeping city, I imaginary transport a week back in Paris where the mild autumn sun touches the top of the trees, painting them yellow. That day…

The trip to Paris : Day #2

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The Paris Fashion week has its own rhythm that you must follow, every second is scheduled. But there is one thing I am certain about: in Paris is very important to start the day correctly. I and Zina had decided to…

Malicova’s week #3


This week in Paris was totally crazy! Lots of impressions and emotions. Thank God I have a blog where I can share my feelings and memories. But, first things first! While I was packing my bags for Paris, I…

Malicova’s 2nd week


The Fashionable Fall is in its full swing! Fashion shows are already shaking up the whole Paris, but we will see the French Capital a little later; I had to stay longer in Milan due to some affairs. But…

The mussel evening in Gastrobar


The best way to lengthen the summer is to meet your friend at a cozy terrace. This is exactly what we did in the first days of this autumn, and have spent the evening at a local restaurant. Lately,…

Malicovas 1st Week


Outside is a typical fall weather, but there aren’t reasons for sadness. Very soon I will see again my favorite city and will totally drawn in new fashion trends. I’m packing my bags and getting ready for Milan while…

This special day of spring!

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The morning of first march… It’s still cold outside, but it already smells like spring! This day is always special for me. The day when I remember an old story… Many years ago, a boy liked me a lot.…