Cremona – the charm of a small city

DSC04601Probably,  nobody will be surprised if I will say that Italy is the country where everyone will find something after their own heart! Antique monuments of architecture, modern shopping centers, shopping in the world’s best boutiques, the best pizza and coffee, majestic mountains and Rivieras. But there is one more treasure you can find in Italy-the charming small cities in which the fairy tales come true!

DSC04598Cremona! Probably the second city, after Milan, where I feel like home! The first trip to this city of music couldn’t left me indifferent and after that moment I couldn’t stop dreaming about visiting it again! And it was meant to be!


A spark of inspiration at the Gianfranco Ferre exhibition

During this summer, thanks to the mayor’s efforts, the one who I and Lena have told you about earlier, with every year there are more and more cultural events going on in this lovely city. During our visit, Gianfranco Ferre’s exhibition  “Fashion, a tale in drawings” was going on, in which were presented over 100 paintings and sketches of the Italian “fashion architect”. I was absolutely enamored, it was a very good decision to put the main accent of the exhibition on his sketches, it is a well-known fact that the maestro was making this work with special care!

Gastronomic delight

We have decided to take a meal in our favorite restaurant. I’ve heard many times that in Cremona you can find the best Steak Florentine, this time we couldn’t withstand and have decided to try it. I will be sincere, even in Florence – the homeland of this dish, you cannot find everywhere such a tasty and soft steak! And if you will have in addition a glass of red Italian wine, you will not want to leave this place ever! I gladly divulge to you all the state secrets)

The power of film photography

Our cultural programme didn’t end at this! In the museum of violins was held an exhibition with the works of the photographers from the worldwide photo agency Magnum “Live”. I have a special attitude to photography, especially to the film photo, when every shot was unrepeatable. Due to this fact, this type of photos provoke even more intense emotions than the modern photography, they are inspiring and make the viewers change, sometimes, their vision of the world.

After finishing the cultural programme, we have decided to drink our favorite cooling drink, Shakeratto, on the central square of this astonishing city – cold coffee during hot summer!


Let’s catch up at the Aquedotte festival?

Very soon we will come back to Cremona for sure – to the Aquedotte. Join us! I will show you the most interesting places, we will cool down with my favorite cold coffee, will visit a violin workshop, and at the evening we will enjoy beautiful music under the stars!



Photo: Tatiana Volobueva


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