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You have probably noticed the food boom on the internet lately. In fact, my Instagram is also full of tasty photos. But in the big diversity of food blogs, it is complicated to find those that are somehow different from the others and are useful. 

While living in Milan I was very lucky to get acquainted with the sweet girl: Meri Mura for which food is a passion. Meri is a food blogger, the author of a couple of books about food and restaurants in Italy.

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Everything has started in a very banal way. Meri has been working as a PR expert for more than 10 years, and she was traveling all around the world. The main role of the blog was the one of an archive of memories and impressions from traveling. Such cities as Milan, Rome, Paris, and London discovered new culinary horizons for her. That was the time when Meri has understood the magical power of good food, which can gather people together and bring them happiness!

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Meri Mura prefers the Mediterranean cuisine; this is the reason why we had met in the Greek restaurant Vasiliki Kouzina. It came out that Meri recommends to those who visit Milan for the first time to try the saffron risotto, the same as I do. It was very interesting for me to discuss with her the diversity of Italian food in different regions of the country. We just couldn’t pass by the culture of aperitivo. While living in Italy I was lucky to understand and fall in love with this positive tradition. Around 6 p.m. friends and good acquaintances meet up in a bar and serve a glass of Aperol spritz or good wine before dinner, in order to make the evening more pleasant. In there, the life is lived! For me, the best place for this kind of meetings is Le Cantine Isola.


In her blog and her books, Meri doesn’t just share recipes, she tries to educate her readers a healthy attitude to food and promote a responsible approach to what we eat. The main principles are choosing the seasonal local products of the highest quality and subject them to minimum thermic processing, and the most important thing is never forgetting about the main ingredient – love, this is the secret of the happy life of this cute lady!

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Food makes people happy, I am sure about it after the discussion with Meri Mura! She has recommended a couple of delicious places, I will tell you more about them in the future articles. And if I will visit London or New York one day, I have a small clue where to eat good – this is Meri’s blog.

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Blog: Meri Mura

Photo: Juliya Lyskavets

Restaurant: Vasiliki Кouzina


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