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“Designers Fever” or a day at Fuorisalone 2017

One more great reason for travellers to visit Milan, which is usually considered the heaven for the shopaholics, is the Milan Furniture Salon, one of the most significant events of the world furniture industry. For one week architects, designers and adepts of the beauty from all around the world gather together. With every year the scale of Fuorisalone is increasing, for this time, almost the whole Milan has turned into a big exhibition hall, where up to the late evening where held different exhibitions, presentations, parties with a special atmosphere, style and creativity.

Fuorisalone 2017-Olga Malicova-33If you think that this event is interesting just for designers, you are terribly wrong. Milan Design Week means a lot of events, exhibitions, presentations, installations, performances, that are held at the same time all over the city. Only in this period, you can visit old castles, that are usually not available for visitors. You should create a plan because there are lots of things to see. You can choose the route through the Brera district, and don’t forget to visit the industrial region Lambrate and just for inspiration go through the Zona Tortona and its young designers, fashionable showrooms, lofts and art spaces.

This year’s exhibition is dedicated to light. Luminous pendants, origami lamps, glass flasks on brackets, pendants made of Venetian glass – real jewellery for home decoration. Besides the illumination, there are presented pieces of furniture and decor.

Fuorisalone 2017-Olga Malicova-28The imagination of the designers was amazing. The architectural office Piuarch has decorated the facade of their building from the floor to the roof with 2000 flowers. The 3d composition made of roses, gerberas, carnations, lavender and mint …  it was like a wonderland.

Fuorisalone 2017-Olga Malicova-56Many designers that are known mostly from the fashion industry, have been also presenting their vision of the contemporary design during this week. The vintage brand La Double J has shown to the public dishes and decor with prints that he uses in his clothing collections.

Fuorisalone 2017-Olga Malicova-2Fuorisalone 2017-Olga Malicova

Fuorisalone 2017

While walking on the streets of my beloved city, we were visiting exhibitions of different designers, starting with the exposition of world’s famous mannequin maker and continuing with one of the most impressive light installations of the largest technology manufacturer LG, for which the talented designer Tokujin Yoshioka has created an unbelievable story.

Fuorisalone 2017-Olga Malicova-25I guess the most impressing exhibition for me was the presentation of one of my favourite designers, Antonio Marras. The metaphoric style of the designer was present in everything. The exposition has collected together the creations of Antonio Marras, and his friends, turning this way the showroom into a full-fledged exhibition.

Fuorisalone 2017-Olga Malicova-35

Antonio Marras on Furiosalone 2017


Especially for the design week, in the Bocconi Palazzo was held the exhibition of the interior objects collection by Louis Vuitton. The Objects Nomades collection keeps the old Louis Vuitton tradition of the manufacture of fantastic products for travelling.

Fuorisalone 2017-Olga Malicova-43

Louis Vuitton on Fuorisalone 2017


Of course, it is absolutely impossible to include all the stories about the whole designer week. And during just one week, it is almost impossible to see everything, this is why, if you decide next year to visit this event, organise your route and ask for help from an informed person!

Fuorisalone 2017-Olga Malicova-9



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