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Experiments with the babydoll style

IMG_7093As long as summer is still here, I am drawn to experiments with the outfits. As for example, I did during the Milan Men’s Fashion Week at Tod’s presentation. This time I wanted to play around with the timeless babydoll style.

Emerged in the distant 1960, thanks to Cristóbal Balenciaga, this style still does not lose its relevance. Exciting not just the fashionistas mind, but also the minds of men. The babydoll style is the total opposite of the “femme fatale”. But, you have probably already get used to it and know that I am not a fan of standard solutions, this is why my today’s look is a personal interpretation of the “doll” style.IMG_7242The fundamental element of the style is, of course, the dress, which can turn every girl into a naughty coquette. I have chosen for this outfit my favourite dress-shirt in light tones and with an interesting lacing on sleeves. In order to emphasize the waistline which is so important for the “babydoll” style, I have added to the outfit a top-bustier, adding this way more volume to the lower part of the body. But even to this feminine outfit, I wanted to add a little touch of masculinity. The black pants and a pair of mules in a second turn the coquettish and flirty babydoll look into something more. What do you think?


Follow the fashion trends, but don’t be afraid of experiments, to get out of the limits, this is the only way an individual can be born. And if you are afraid of experiments, contact me, and I will help you!IMG_7227

Photo: Katerina Tyurina


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