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Federico Luger and his dialog with the contemporary art

Spazio22Versatile and talented Frederico Luger was born and raised in the faraway Venezuela. Since early childhood he falled in love with art and his caring mom psychologist always supported him.  As Federico says: “To her I am so grateful for the support and development of my talents and passions”.

Spazio22-19Federico is a very special contemporary art curator, in the world there are only a few curators like him. Being painter and photographer helps him to appreciate an art object. First of all he is a spectator, an art lover. He is looking for emotions. This is why every exhibition in the FL Gallery is created especially for the place, taking care about the preferences of the owner, and of the author, of course. He cares a lot not only about the piece of art, but also about the context in which it was born.

Since his studenthood, Federico was always trying to unite artists, to create a kind of art association. Nowadays such an association exists, it is called Spazio 22. This is the place where the PACK Gallery represented by Giampaolo Abbondio and FL Gallery represented by Federico Luger, have gathered their energy to promote the new tendencies in the contemporary art. The main feature of this alliance is that Spazio 22 is always hosting different Galleries from all over the world, generating thereby a dynamic dialog.

Spazio22-17 Spazio22-6Spazio22-10 Spazio22-8До середины ноября в Spazio 22 гостит Anthony Reynolds Gallery с работами фотографа Richard Billingham. Выставка под называнием  “Landscapes 2001 – 2016” состоит из фотографий, которые можно сравнить с романтическими поэтическими композициями, где легкость и красота природы создают отличную атмосферу для размышлений.

Until the middle of November, Spazio 22 is hosting Anthony Reynods Gallery with the photos by Richard BilIingham. “Landscapes 2001 – 2016” are so romantic and poetic, the beauty of nature creates a perfect atmosphere to reflecting. “Good landscape art is about a condition, an attitude … a state of mind”. (RB)

Spazio22-25FL Gallery presents José Antonio Hernandez-Diez. The exhibition called “This must be stopped” is telling us a story about the glorious past and the lack of future for the largest Venezuelan automobile pads production factory. The common becomes extraordinary through provocation. Jose Hernandez presents a metaphor, an idea that allows us to reflect on the crisis that Venezuela is experiencing.

Spazio22-11 Spazio22-9The  PACK Gallery presents Human Comedy, a group exhibition with Andres Serrano, Nan Golden and Yasuma Morimura. Il looks like the modern illustrations for  “The Divine Comedy” by  Dante Alighieri.

This is how we perceived the exhibitions in Spazio 22, and we are very curious to know how will You perceive them. Be sure to check in Spazio 22 and start your own dialog, the dialog with the contemporary art, it will appassionate  You, for sure.

Spazio22-4 Spazio22-3 Enzo Cucchi, one of the greatest representatives of the Italian neo-expressionism, once said to Frederico: “Finally Italy has got a curator that isn’t afraid to dream”. We had the same thought while talking to Frederico. He is a dreamer, but at the same time a creator – encouraging the dialog between the modern art and the modern art lover.

Spazio22-7Spazio22-22 Spazio22-12

FL Gallery
Spazzio 22
Federico Luger

Photo: Yuliya Kave


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