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Giancarlo Petriglia – one of the designers that transforms bags into art



Probably no other accessories can cause such enormous delight in a woman’s soul as Italian bags. There are dozens of worldwide popular brands, but none of them can compare to the charm and quality of the masterpieces made by Italian masters.  Giancarlo Petriglia is one of the designers that transforms bags into art.

I have gotten acquainted with this genius when I bought a small bag-transformer from his collection. At the beginning it attracted me with its vividity, but after wearing it a couple of hours I had realized that it has already become my favorite. It takes into account all woman’s needs! I thank the faith that I and Lena Mihailo had the possibility to meet personally Giancarlo Petriglia and have tried to understand at least a little part of his interesting soul.

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As Giancarlo Petriglia recognized himself, he learned to sew before he learned to ride a bicycle. He has inherited his love for beauty from his mother who was a wedding dress designer. The most beautiful memories of his childhood happened in the atelier. He was playing with the finest lace and natural pearls instead of playing outside with the ball and slingshot. His love for art and his sensitive nature has brought GiancarloPetriglia into  NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti)Thanks to his unique approach to the educational process, Giancarlo Petriglia had the opportunity to attend all the courses that were related to art, the fact that helped him a lot to form as an  artist and designer. The main influence on the artist is Renaissance period, the combination of colors and textures, the experiments with the shadows and object displacement. Everything of the above is reflected in his works. He doesn’t limit just to this epoch, all kinds of art attract him.

Before becoming a bag designer, Giancarlo Petriglia has been designing clothes and has been the creative director of one of the top world brands. It was then that he began to think and to notice that the accessories market, particularly of handbags, doesn’t say absolutely anything and does not reflect the nature of the women and does not meet their needs. Probably, Giancarlo Petriglia  isn’t just a fantastic artist but he is also a great psychologist that could understand the woman’s nature. His bags are a boom! Right after his debut, all the fashion industry was interested in his works. The unique diversity of different textures and types of leather, starting from crocodile to ostrich; stones, unusual shapes and the excellent finish, can not leave indifferent any fashionista!

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All of his creations are handmade in Sicilia, the place where the designer gains inspiration for his future creations. In his latest collection he tried to reveal different sides of a woman’s soul, on one hand, the delicate and vulnerable part, and on the other: the bright and aggressive.

The most important accent in Giancarlo’s latest collection is the finest jewelry work of the highest quality that guarantees the well-known “Made in Italy”.


Photo: Jenia Broggi

Giancarlo Petriglia



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