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How to create completely different outfits based on one skirt and one top?

IMG_9257Fashion nowadays is not just having in your wardrobe clothes from the latest designer collections, it is also the ability to create unique outfits.

An undoubted trend of this summer is the frilled skirt. This kind of skirts, depending on the upper clothes and the shoes picked, can remind about the romantic era of Marie Antoinette or the passionate flamenco dancers. These skirts can be made of different textiles, and it depends of course mostly on the time of the year. For this summer I have chosen a frilled skirt made of cotton. There are never too many frills, so I wasn’t afraid to combine this skirt with a top. This once again emphasises the legerity and romanticism of the outfit.

If you have noticed, the combination of romanticism and sports style is getting more and more actual with every season. This is why I have given preference to summer sandals in a sporty style. My favorite windbreaker has become the stylish element of my look. Wearing this outfit you can easily feel as a street-style superstar.

IMG_9238Now, just changing the accessories, such as bags, sandals, glasses and hats you can easily change the outfit. I have decided to not play around with colours, and have chosen the “French classic”: blue, white and red. After the presidential elections in France, this colour combination has become even more popular :)


I am absolutely sure that the potential of your wardrobe is very big. It is, first of all, the ability of the clothes to be combined differently one with another, and even without having too many clothes you can create many different outfits. For this, you just have to organise a correct approach in your wardrobe creation. With the right approach, you will be able to play with the same piece of wardrobe and get absolutely different and dissimilar looks. Do you not believe that based on one piece of wardrobe you can create 10 completely different outfits? Let’s catch up, and we will not just create new and unique outfits, but also spend a great time together!


Glasses: Felicia Optic Center

Photo:Irina Barcari



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