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coffee 3Among many internet resources and applications which we use daily, Instagram has become for us an informational feed with beautiful photos and visual stories. For example, in the morning you go to a cafe to drink a coffee, and observe how young people make selfies, take photos of the fragrant drinks and fresh pastries. And after that, they upload the photos on Insta, it has become already a daily routine. 

Thanks to Insta and video-stories, live translations, we have the possibility to observe everything “live”. If a time ago, we had to wait for a magazine to be published in order to find out about the new trends and fashion shows, nowadays we can assist real-time at an event without being there. I don’t know how it is with you, but for me, every morning begins with Insta, because, fashion – is my profession. This is why I want to show you stylists, photographers and just creative people for whom fashion is also a job.

Artem Krivda(@artemkrivda)

artem krivdaArtem – the creative director, producer and founder of the eponymous brand I adore watching his insta-stories. Why? It’s simple: this guy has a great sense of humour and attitude to fashion. His opinions regarding fashion are very important to me. And it’s not surprising, as Artem is already for many years successfully organising the Russian Fashion week. Every time I look through his feed, or insta-stories, I smile: Artem guarantees a great mood for the whole day. Do you want to get a boost of positive energy for 24 hours? Then subscribe to his account.


Daniil Berg(@daniilberg)

daniilDaniil – the creative director and stylist of the Zasport project, the new official outfitter of the Russian Olympic team, and just a very ingenious personality. His fresh style, creative ideas have become for me so interesting and inspiring that sometimes I cannot take my eyes off the phone screen! This feedback is absolutely not surprising because this stylist pays great attention to his creative evolution and his account-page is followed by thousands of people.

I have to say, that Daniil is participating in different interesting projects, one of them is the collaboration with the popular brand Edem Couture. Just take a look at this beauty… But I have fallen in love with Daniil’s style, not for his stylish Instagram. My attention was captured by the original show-window, in Moscow Central Department Store. While visiting this place, and admiring the work of his team, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Everything created by Daniil and his team – is always successful, creative and stylish. I highly recommend him if @fashionisyourprofession.


Natasha Goldenberg (@ngoldenberg)

goldenbergOne of my favourite accounts on Instagram is Natasha Goldenberg’s page. Natasha is probably the most famous fashionista in Moscow. I follow her for a long time, starting with the old times when Natasha had her own women’s fashion line Tzipporah (Tzipporah is Natasha’s Hebrew name). I must say that I like a lot her individual style. This girl has always been a creative personality, she often got into the lenses of the most famous photographers of the European fashion weeks. The accessories and clothes worn by this fashionista, always became a must-have of the season. That is saying something!

22639001_293711801125980_434471620283727872_nNatalia has a unique talent: to feel the young and promising designers, revealing their talents and help them with the promotion. Today she has a whole floor in the Central Department Store where she selects clothing for young people. This girl has thousands of followers on Insta, but despite her fame, she is very humble, and her outfits are kept simple. In her insta-stories, Natalia often shows interesting life events. Trust me, she knows how to have fun!

By the way, Natasha is raising two great daughters, which accompany her not just during vacation, but also during business trips. Her girls have already visited all the fashion capitals of the world during the fashion weeks.

goldenberg 2

Svetlana Tanakina (@svetlana_tanakina)

Svetlana – the fashion-editor of one of my favourite internet-resources THEBLUEPRINT.RU.  She is a former fashion editor of Vogue Russia. The girl doesn’t post photos of her personal life, she posts just her works. Svetlana’s creativity always motivates me to create, especially in the moments when I need a creative explosion. In addition, her Instagram account is interesting for me because she often publishes photos of fashion photography. I suggest you follow Svetlanas page because in there, you can find the fashion-inspiration.


Mariam Koberidze (@mari8ko)

mariMariam is the art curator, stylist, concept-director of M-O-D Academy and also presenter on Russian tv channels about fashion and style. I have been watching this creative person for a long time because she is engaged in contemporary art projects. I can say that I like everything about her! Starting with her photos on Instagram, clothing style, and her art. I sincerely recommend her!


Dhante Caseres (@dgante_caseres)

DhanteI have recently discovered this photographers page. Dhante’s profile mostly consists in street-looks of the Russian fashion week. I like that this man takes photos of new faces, new looks for such magazines as Vogue Russia and Harper’s Bazaar. And I must say, that the photos are unique!

Probably, many of us have the habit to scroll through the Insta feed and look at streetstyle-outfits, but usually, it is posted by the same faces, just the streets and cities change, but this photographer is absolutely different. He knows how to discover new characters in street style, and looking through Dhante’s feed, you understand how the Russian fashionistas do actually dress up.

Dhante 2

Olga Somodumova(@peremotka)

peremotkaThe co-founder of the brand Denis Simachev and PEREMOTKA project, Olga Samodumova is fond of vintage clothes, which she usually buys in LA. Yes, specifically in Los-Angeles she is looking for vintage, rare clothes for her collections.  And for a good reason: because in this city of movie and art are preserved many vintage dresses and costumes, created especially for films.

I like a lot Olgas vintage clothes. And I can say that in this fashion field she is the best! Nobody else can present vintage in the same way as Olga does. One more talent that Olga has, is finding young talented people and opening for them the gate to a successful future. Olga often posts photos with Daniil Polyakov, and I recommend you to take a look at the photos of this outstanding person. Daniil – bright and provocative, but very talented. I hope that he will soon have his own Instagram page, and we will be able to keep trace of his life and art even more often, but until then, you can find him by the hashtag #даниилполяков .

peremotka 2

Gala Borzova (@iamgalaborzova)

galaFor me, Gala is a real stylist. A time ago, in Insta, she was presenting just her works, but lately, she started to take part in her own projects. Now she is a model, photographer, and just a unique person. Are you interested in everything related to fashion-photography? If yes, you should definitely follow Gala on Instagram.

Gala 2

Natalia Turovnikova (@nturovnikova)

turnikova 2I and Natalia know each other for a long time, because she has visited Chisinau with the lecture “Fashion and architecture”. Natalia – a creative person, muse, dj. In her dj sets, she is playing interesting music and you want to listen to it again and again. Besides that, Natasha is a great fashionista, and just like me, she loves Prada… And of course, loves vintage. Many years ago, on her, I have “peeped” the Nike sneakers combined with a dress. From that moment, I often use different variations on this look in my everyday life.


Ruban Fashion Designer (@jruban)

jruban 2

Iulia Ruban – one of the two sisters of the Ruban brand. I love her ability to combine the clothes from her own brand with the clothes from the favourite brand COS. I most of all admire how beautiful and stylish she dresses up in everyday life. In addition, I am impressed by the works of the Ruban sisters. While looking at their photos, I receive a big amount of fashion inspiration, so I suggest you follow Julia’s Instagram account- Ruban Fashion Designer.


This is the top ten Russian creative persons on Instagram, which inspire and motivate me. Keep track of the continuation! And don’t forget to write to me about those who inspire you. And maybe, thanks to you I will discover unique, stylish people and will think up many creative fashion projects. Because for me, fashion is a profession!

Photo: Instgrammers Archive



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