At the beginning of September, as part of the Venice Film Festival was held the presentation of a unique exhibition called “Giorgione’s threads” or «Le trame di Giorgione».

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Giorgione – the great Italian painter, the follower of Leonardo da Vinci, was born in the small Italian city Castelfranco Veneto, which is about an hour of drive from Venice. In the meanwhile, while Florence was admiring the art by Leonardo, Giorgione was creating in here. During his short life, the artist has surpassed many painters from Venice. Like no one other, he knew how to play with the shadows, glorify the women’s beauty, nature and the surrounding world. Gifted with a multitude of talents, the artist worked using various techniques, but his beloved throughout life remained painting and fresco.

DSC_1687But let’s return back to the exhibition, and why is it called “Giorgione’s threads”? This was explained to us during the presentation by the curator, the architect Danila dal Pos: during many years she was collecting grain by grain from all Italy exponents for this exhibition. Its main theme is – the dialogue between the paintings and materials, materials which made popular Venice and the whole Veneto region. The exhibition doesn’t end between the walls of the Giorgione Museum, it invites the guests to take a walk in the city and see and admire the things that inspired the great painter.

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As the vice Mayor of Castelfranco Veneto – Gianfranco Giovine says himself, the exhibition is a sort of invitation to visit the motherland of Giorgione, and the places that are rich in history and cultural heritage. Because, in a couple of minutes of drive from Castelfranco Veneto are located the Palladian villas – the Unesco heritage, the pearl of Azolo, which charm every tourist and are the creation of one of the greatest architects of our time – Carlo Scarpa – Tomba Brion.

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Have we managed to intrigue you? On your way to Venice, stop for a day in Castelfranco Veneto, you will not regret it.
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Venice Film Festival
«Le trame di Giorgione»

Photo: Franco Vanzo
Special Thanks: Comune di Castelfranco Veneto


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