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Linger, still linger, beautiful moment by “Anotherview project”.

The world history of photography narrates that a french invenor named Joseph Niepce took the first photo  in 1827. This piece of art is known as “View from the window at Le Gras”. Almost 200 years later the connoisseurs of contemporary art and modern design, including iconic Rossana Orlandi, are speaking about  “Anotherview”. Today #pizzabottonimattoni will tell You more about the guys who had this wonderful idea to “linger the beautiful moment”. Let us introduce them: Tatiana Uzlova, Marco Tabasso and Robert Andriessen. They are the ideators and creators of the ongoing art project ANOTHERVIEW, that takes place in between interior design and video art.

the_view (1)The view from a window is an important element that greatly influences our daily moods and unlike the color of our walls or choice of furniture, it cannot be changed. Having ANOTHERVIEW PROJECT window on your wall gives you a brief glimpse of being in another place in the world. Your  home becomes a nomadic place where window leads to beautiful landcapes and tell you the unique story about our times, people, society. It tells you the story about the  world…

the_view (10) the_view (9) the_view (12)Nowadays everything around us is moving so fast. ANOTHERVIEW  window invites You to take a deep breath, “linger the beautiful moment” and enjoy the slow passing of time with its thousands of little tales of life that happen during 24 hours. Just imagine spending a day looking at the New York skyline, admiring the clouds gently rolling down Table Mountain in Cape Town, watching the wild animals of Namibia congregating around the watering hole or getting lost in the majestic grandness of the Canal Grande in Venice… every of these views can be yours, You just have to stop by Rosanna Orlandi Gallery in Milan or visit

the_view (13)Marco, one of the founders of the project,  told us that within the ANOTHERVIEW PROJECT was born  “Once we were there” direction . Guys are filming places, situations, animals that are disapperaing from our planet and that  in 30 years very probably will not exist anymore.  And, who knows, maybe “Once we were there” will become the first in the world Gallery of Unique Views and will make the humanity think about global warming, melting of glaciers, plastic polution – the real problems that all together we can resolve!!!

the_view (17)
the_view (20) «Anotherview Project»  Spazio Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Via Matteo Bandello, 14/16

the_view (19)
Author: Елена Михаило
Photo: Yulia Kave


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