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Look of the day – the appealing blue

HC_008Many people consider that the blue color has a special magic that somehow attracts with its deepness. One of the days during this Paris Fashion week my choice felt upon one of my favorite leather dresses from MOE by Alena Kononova. I adore this dress for its fabulous color, shape and for the unshrinkable fabric, for its flexibility and commodity. Wherever I wear this dress, I catch every fashionista’s eyes on me.

With each new accessories added it looks completely different. Whether it is a narrow belt or a wide one, whether you want to wear it with heavy shoes, sneakers or with feminine ballet flats. You can wear it with everything! The white underskirt trimmed with feather turns it in one moment into a cocktail dress.

HC_007The backward cap added feminity and playfulness to my outfit. This outfit was perfectly combined with my favorite wide heeled sandals with socks. I know, this new trend is still considered weird, this is why you should consult with a professional stylist if you don’t know how to wear it right. My oversize coat was protecting me from the winter wind. I am glad that this fashion trend is actual for many seasons. My look was complemented with a Furla bag. This small piece of beauty isn’t fantastic just by its beautiful blue color, but also by the fact that both of the sides are of different shades; this is why there are lots of ways to combine it, a universal piece of wardrobe is priceless!


I believe that every woman’s special ability is the ability to transmogrify, especially when it is done correctly. Watch out for brand new unique outfits on my blog. If you have any questions regarding your style, I will gladly help you to figure them out!


Photo: Zina Esepciuc


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