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Malicova’s week #5

Sometimes I thin If my life would be so intense in every city. I guess yes! It’s my character’s fault, I cannot stay in one place, doing nothing; the life is so vivid and interesting, there are som many talented people around us, that it is worth pushing through.

At the beggining of the week, Nastea – my friend from Milan made a smalll but very pleasant surprise. Now I have my painted version. Do you like it?


But the surprises didn’t end. I have decided to make a gift for myself, so my hat collection has one more beauty which I have already walked on the streets of my beloved Milano.


After that, I, Lena and Jenya had a very interesting photoshoot in a workshop where are created great handmade umbrellas. We where very lucky to have the occasion to wath at the process of creation of new works, and also, having the occasion to talk with the workshop owner – Francesco Maglia which told us many things about his family business that is already one century long.Very soon there will be a detailed article about this place.


After the photoshoot, I and Lena had decided to take a walk; during the walk we have noticed the painter which we met during the Ultrachic presentation. I hope he will forgive us for laughing all the time, although he did still manage to draw us. I will certainly find a good place for this painting in my house.


There was still a short trip to Florence ahead. In Florence I have felt the first time in love with Italy. “The place from the postcards” which brought such people as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Date to the world.

toscana-1 toscana-3

I have visited my favorite vintage store, where I was kindly met by the two pf its owners; they helped me to select the best vitage collection for my home. And of course the Ferragamo Museum. Shoes are the secret  womans passion!In the evening me and Lena have visited the oppening of a new Fashion store: Maison 39 in the Figline Valdarno city. We have met it’s owner – Sara Tassi, a stylish, beautiful woman. I believe that this will be a succesful bramd and Sara’s clothes will certainly distinguish you from the crowd.

sarah-tassishoessarah tassi
On the second day Florence was rainy, but the rain didn;t affect our mood so we decided to go to Pallazzo Pitti. My favorite place in there is the Costume Gallery. Probably there is no other museum in Italy in which the fashion history is described so detailed and coherently. Every time I hurry up to get in there, there are also different exhibiotns in there that help me to better understand the costume and style history.

Toscana isn’t famous just for it’s history and culture, wine and food are certainly worth your time in there. We decided to please ourselfs with a evening in Cibreo Tratorria, it is a famous and beloved place for many people; you cannot find free seats in there. Fabio Picci, the owner of this place is pauong big attention to dishes in his restaurant so he prefers the traditional Florentine dishes. Nearby there is a restaurant with the same name that is already for many consecutive years earns Michelin stars; there is a crowd for 6 months ahead so we will visit this place the next time. We couldn’t stay longer in Florence, many important things have been waiting for us in Milan.

toscana-4cibreo-trattoria-1 cibreo-trattoria-2

I have spent the Saturday evening at a concert of Kazakh national music. It was unique, there where so many impression that I don’t even know how to explain the rairness of their melodies, sound and musical instruments which they played. I would visit this kind of concerts many times.


Sunday was quite, I dedicated this day to walking through my favorite city. I have discovered some new and interesting places.


This city never ceases to amaze me!




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