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Martino Zanetti and his bright world

A brilliant person is brilliant in everything, these words describe better than any others our today’s protagonist Martino Zanetti. husbrandt (17)husbrandt (8)husbrandt (2)
A successful businessman, alpino, expert in Gabriele D’Anunzio’s life, talented painter, musician. This is just the short list of Zanetti’s talents. He has changed the big business with brushes, paints, canvas and… a piano. “The art of painting, in line with the traditions of my homeland Veneto is light, colors, emotions. I feel completely part of all this”, – says the artist himself. The paintings by Martino Zanetti amaze with their colors, unbelievable lightness of being and, in addition, they are very melodious, take a look…

husbrandt (14)husbrandt (13)Zanetti is a very versatile artist, from under his brush come out creations worked in oil, acrylic, aquarelle. Sometimes he is impressionist and sometimes minimalist. The most remarkable feature of his art are the feelings. The feelings that the author himself feels while painting and, the ones that he provokes to the observer. Olga and I were struck by the grace, harmony, delicacy of colors and textures.husbrandt (4)husbrandt (6)Very soon, starting with September the 30th You will have the possibility to flow into Martino Zanetti’s bright world. For doing this You just have to visit his personal exhibition called “There’s time, no time”, which will be held in one of the most beautiful European Theatres, La Fenice in Venice.
But until then, we invite You to enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee by Hausbrandt. Coffee, which is produced for over 100 years by the Hausbrandt Trieste 1892 SpA Company, the one which was led untill recently by our protagonist.
A brilliant person is brilliant in everything!

husbrandt (22)Hausbrandt Coffee

Photo: Yuliya Kave

Hausbrandt Coffee


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