Merry Christmas!


The Christmas preparations help us to feel better the unique atmosphere of this holiday. The decorated Chrismas tree wrapped presents, the shining garlands and the unique and unmistakeable smell of Chrismas that fills the air. In this moments you perceive Chrismas in the same way you did when you were a child.


When I was a child, my favorite holidays where Chrismas, my great grandmother’s birthday and Easter, because during this 3 holidays all my big and friendly family used to gather all together. My great grandmother had 13 children, and my grandmother was the eldest child. I will never forget our feasts the next day after Christmas. We were preparing meals all together and setting the table. Everybody wanted to share some news or funny stories. After we had our meal we used to sing folk songs, I get goosebumps all over when remembering these soulful evenings. I and the other kids were just running around, sometimes grabbing food and then returning to our games. We were stealthily grabbing sweets from the table, which were the best sweets that I have ever tried… I keep this memories in my heart. I was very happy when I found out that there is a similar tradition in Italy, on 26 of December is Saint Stephen day and the day when all the family gathers together.

Until now I still believe in the miracle of this bright family holiday. Merry Christmas! Let this Holliday bring light and warmth, joy and wealth! I wish to all of you peace, kindness, love and cosiness in your own families.

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Photo: Anastasia Kashina

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