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OligaMalicova-myfavoriteinstagramaccounts4How much time do you spend every day on scrolling through the Instagram feed? I consider myself an active social network user and don’t look through the Instagram news feed from boredom, but in search of visual impressions and happiness. Sometimes, inspiring, and sometimes just things that remind me of the interesting and diverse world we are living in. Today my Instagram feed is full of fashion, tasty and healthy food and just beauty. Now I will share with you the profiles that I follow :)


Hope that I will not offend anybody by calling her one of the best stylists of our time. If you like everything that is new, unusual and provocative – follow her immediately.



A talented stylist and a very beautiful woman with a unique appearance that looks good in the most daring combinations: leopard print, net tights, bright pink colour! It is very pleasant and interesting to see and read it, especially because her account was just for work before, but now Gala is sharing her outfits and thoughts as well.



One more stylist which is worth your attention is the former editor of the fashion magazine SNC Mikhail Baryshnikov. Mikhail shares more and more photos of his travelling adventures and his new project. @animajewels – exquisite handmade jewellery. Also, Mikhail has one of the most interesting and cheerful live videos.


For whom isn’t a bad form to post photos of food to Instagram but is a duty, is of course @novikovarkadiy. On his page, you can find not just photos from his restaurants, but all the interesting things that he sees, and of course, lots of tasty food! By the way, his daughter @howtosasha has an interesting blog about healthy food.


I improve my make-up skills and find out about the latest beauty trends thanks to @elenakrygina account on Instagram.




Olga Samodumova’s account – the founder of the brand Denis Simachev and author of the project Peremotka, I love it for a couple of reasons: her project is about vintage and she is giving advice on how to wear correctly and beautiful vintage clothes nowadays. Also, her feed is, for now, the only one in the social networks in which my favourite Danila Polyakov makes his appearance.



Olga Siblova’s account is helping me beeing up to date with the latest interesting things in the world of art. I am very carefully tracing her presence at the Venice Biennale, I have noted for myself a couple of places! Wait for my report very soon!



I get a dose of inspiration from:


Olia is the creator of a peculiar guide about Milan, and in addition is a great cook) If you are looking for some tasty and easy to cook recipes, you should check her blog



If you plan to visit Paris, then thanks to Jenia, your trip will become unforgettable! She knows the most beautiful places of the city, you will fall in love with it for sure!



If you are planning a trip, Dasha’s account is the best guidebook.



If you are a 60’s fan, then you will find in Andrey’s feed something that you will like. His love for design and beautiful things for the interior are sensed in every picture.


OligaMalicova-myfavoriteinstagramaccountsInstagram –an easy way to come off the bustle for a while and think about, for example, the coast of beautiful Italy) I hope that my profile is also inspiring for somebody! Follow me!


Photo:Irina Barcari


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