Pizza Bottoni Mattoni

No people are uninteresting

No people are uninteresting.

Their fate is like the chronicle of planets.

Nothing in them is not particular,

and planet is dissimilar from planet.

This poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko embodies the column “Pizza Bottoni Mattoni” in the best possible way, and it’s last line suites perfectly to our today’s protagonist, Rosalba Piccinni or La Cantafiorista, as her talent’s admirers call her. But why do they call her La Cantafiorista, which translated to English means “The singing florist”? Just because she cannot imagine her life without two components: flowers and music. Rosalba manages to perfection combining these two passions in her restaurant called “Potafiori”. The diversity of flowers can be envied by almost every botanical garden, and the live music performed by Rosalba and her band can turn a regular evening into a special one. Delicious food prepared with the freshest seasonal products accompanied by a glass of good wine will complement the perfect picture.

_MG_2766_MG_2762While creating flower compositions or singing at Blue Note Milano, Rosalba manages to run a restaurant, two flower shops, participates at different TV shows, does interviews, makes a plenty of shootings, holds floristry workshops, decorates the most beautiful locations in Italy and of course… she dreams San Remo. We don’t even doubt that very soon Rosalba will conquer the peak of the Italian Musical Olympus too.

_MG_2957_MG_2868Rosalba is the kind of woman that knows how to inspire, bring joy, flowers and positive emotions into your life. Does she like to receive flowers as a present? It came out that yes… but, unfortunately, due to her profession, she gets this sort of presents very rarely. Now we know how to surprise Rosalba the next time we meet her)))

_MG_2749To our question if the fashion for flowers exists, La Cantafiorista told us that it exists, but, she doesn’t follow it at all, as well as fashion for clothes. Rosalba is an instinctive person and all her choices are made instinctively. Today she creates a flower sushi using ginger and cacti, tomorrow it could be a magnificent bouquet made of roses and freesias.

_MG_2742As to the most important qualities for a person, Rosalba most of all appreciates honesty and enthusiasm. She believes that these two components are the key to the success in everything a person can do. Rosalba’s statement is something you cannot disagree.

_MG_2942The last but not the least thing you should know about Rosalba is that she loves making unusual presents: songs for example. She calls this kind of present “A Serenade at your place”. When you don’t know what present to make to the beloved person, Rosalba can help you, she knows which is the perfect gift. You have to choose the song that holds a special place in your heart and… just wait for the appointed hour, very special emotions are guaranteed, we assure you)

Indeed, there aren’t planets similar to you, La Cantafiorista!

Photo&Video: Tatiana Volobueva


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