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Opened shoulders – the celebration of sensuality and femininity for every fashionista

biennale_day2-3The open shoulders are considered the main fashion trend of this summer. The designers have prepared a celebration of sensuality and feminity for the fashionistas.

The most pleasant part of this, for many fashion enthusiasts, is the fact that the designers covered practically all possible kinds of clothes, from tops and blouses to jackets, svitshots and even blazers. This summer there will certainly not be a lack of choice!

biennale_day2-4This light and incredibly filthy coquettish silhouette had become the main accent of my outfit, that I have been recently rocking on the streets of Venice. This trend puts the accent on your shoulders, so it is very important to keep the correct posture. My choice has picked up on a light blue-print dress made of natural fabric because I love every shade of blue. This trend should be worn with modesty, avoiding the vulgarity. Try not to denude too much skin. I have complimented this outfit with my favorite Prada sandals, worn over socks and a marine-style hat, which did fit in perfectly into the urban landscapes of Venice.


Often, during my travelling adventures, I bring with me two bags. A bigger one, made by my favorite brand Furla, where I put all the things I need. And a small bag, which is not just a beautiful piece of accessory, but also the keeper of the most important things: the wallet and the lip gloss :) I like to call such no brand things, as this bag a “stylist’s discovery”. I have bought it in a small store in Sienna, and since then it is one of my favorites.

biennale_day2-7If you want to follow the fashion trends but you aren’t confident in your choices, I wait for you in Milan, and we will pick for you something that will fit you perfectly, especially now, when there are finally the big discounts in the world’s fashion capital!


Photo: Yuliya Kave


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