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Paris Ready-to-Wear AW 2017 Fashion Shows Overview

The bustle and impressions after the Paris fashion week of autumn-winter 2017 have calmed down a bit, so it is the right time for summing up and making an overview of the collections and trends of the forthcoming season.

Many designers have returned the oversize trend. Although the fall is far enough, I would recommend to the fashionistas to look out attentively and start preparing their new wardrobe!

The trouser suits and strict formal dresses deserve special attention. Moreover, they co-exist in a perfect harmony with the frivolous frills and linen style, which for several years passes from season to season. The asymmetry remains an obvious trend.

Referring to the color palette – at this topic, every designer is mostly faithful to his own preferences, although the darker color trend is still traced.


The designer from Denmark, Anne Sofie Madsen creates fashion from an uncountable number of fabrics and materials, skillfully combining them together into an ultimate complex creation.

Anne Sofie Madsen AW 2017


This year, Anton Belinskiy has become a part of the international platform called One Day Project, which presents Ukrainian designers during this season. The pieces for this season represent the perfect uniform for the younger generation. The presentation was a performance, in which the models were lined up in anticipation of their turn at the exchange office.

Anton Belinskiy AW 2017


Manish Arora – the Indian John Galliano. An absolutely unique collection, executed in his own manner. You can see how harmoniously he combines the Western shapes and silhouettes with the Traditional Indian tribal art.

Manish Arora AW 2017


The fall-winter collection of one of the most significant shoe designers, Nicholas Kirkwood, is markedly differing from other collections, due to the predominance of the monochromatic color palette. Withal, his unique style is still recognizable in every model.



Once again, the talented designer Pascal Millet demonstrates his own vision of the French elegance. The quintessence of luxury, cocktail and evening dresses, modern materials combined with the elegant outfits are becoming a cult.

Pascal Millet AW 2017


The new collection by Fatima Lopes – is a simple, intense and deep variety of the black color, a little of white, different shades of gray and burgundy which is surely the most popular color of this season.

Fatima Lopes AW 2017


Beads, velvet, flowing, light dresses with a floral print – this is the John Galliano of the fall-winter season 2017. This season, the designer Gaytten promotes the femininity and sensuality.

John Galliano AW 2017


The designers of the french brand Leonard continue to demonstrate their love for prints. And every season it looks very professional. The fall-winter 2017 collection is very stylish, feminine and vivid.

Leonard AW 2017




Video: Zina Esepciuc



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