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The apple never falls far from the tree or Stradivari’s descendant

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At his 24 years, he isn’t using the cellphone, social media, he even checks his email very rarely, and he does it just to find out the schedule of his concerts… Are you intrigued already? You might say that “Nowadays young people like this don’t exist”.

But this isn’t true. Let me introduce to you, Luca Natali Stradivari. Yes, Stradivari. Luca is the last descendant of the greatest violin maker of all times, Antonio Stradivari. But, unlike his great ancestor, Luca isn’t a violin maker, he is a classical music composer. And of course, he dreams that his music one day will be played on the instruments made by his great-great-grandfather.
Stradivari 2Luca says that he is already used to the questions about “When will he finally get married?”. Being sincere, we wanted to address the same question as well, because he recites Yesenin’s and Mayakovsky’s poems in such a way that he can melt the heart of every woman. But he says that marriage isn’t now at the top of his list. Luca dedicates all his time to art, he performs very often in England, Japan, Spain, and sometimes he delights Cremona with his music – the city in which he was born and raised.

Stradivari 1 Stradivari 7For Luca, Russia is “War and Peace”, Stravinsky’s music, Big Theatre, black caviar and of course, very beautiful women. Italy is Dante, good weather, hospitable people, good food and…history.

But what about Luca’s vision about music? He believes that it is the main language that is clear and understandable for everybody without any exceptions. Stradivari 6Although Luca is a native Italian, he doesn’t love fashion at all, however, while taking a look at his style you can clearly understand that fashion loves him.
Stradivari 8I and Olga have interrogated the young man about his favorite places in Italy. About the places that everybody should visit, in his opinion. He didn’t mention Rome, Florence, and Milan. For a long time and with big love in his voice, Luca was telling us about a medieval city near Cremona, called Castell’Arquato. From the hill on which is situated this city, opens a beautiful view on Arda’s valley. This is the city that inspires the young musician. He calls the main square of the city that is situated right in front of Pretoria Castel his own facebook because he admires and looks at it for hours and notices new and new details every time.
Stradivari 3Stradivari 10Stradivari 4Through his stories, he has totally convinced me and Olia to visit this magical city that is the land of inspiration…
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Photo: Jenia Broggi



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