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The magic world by Daniela Sagliaschi

dani-12The name of Daniela Sagliaschi is well known to most of the Fashion and Event Guru because she knows how to create a cool atmosphere for the event. She is the person that makes You to leave any appointment in order to get to her party.

dani-5dani-28We were blessed to enter her magic world, world where the entrance is not allowed to anyone, where everything is perfect and You do not want to leave it. Me and Daniela have met for the first time 8 years ago. One of the friends of mine, working for Elle Italia, invited me to the “Flea market” or “Circo delle Pulci”, this is how it is called in Italy. That was the moment I felt in love with the italian artisans, that was the place where I spent magic moments chattering with one of the most positive and brightest stylists of all the times, Elio Fiorucci. He talked about his plans, travelling adventures, about his love for young stylists, about his beloved India… Elio was the person that supported Daniela in her beginnings with the Circus, I guess their worlds were so similar. At “Circo delle Pulci” a lot of talented people that became famous made their first steps: landscape designer Cornelius Gavril, the beloved milliner of Italian fashionistas Leontine Vintage, Foto Marvellini Studio, Pop Art Artist Stefano Gentile, celebrity stylist and Founder of Vincent Vintage Bijoux Manuel Menini. As You probably have understood, I could not miss the opportunity to introduce to Olga and You, our beloved readers, such a wonderful person.

dani-10dani-15Lets go back to Daniela’s magic world, her creative apartment that seems a Pop Up Store. This is the place where she feels really good, this is her theater. The theater where she changes the decorations every sometimes.


Dani has 3 cats, the story of each one You can guess by its name: Boomerang, Detlef and Tsunami…

dani-19 dani-30Day by day Daniela creates her own world, her own story. Today, 10 years after realizing her first project, she proudly tells us that the most important thing is keep believing in Your dreams. Believing and following them, going ahead straight to Your goal, creating Your own world, Your own story…



Photo: Yuliya Kave


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