A proper, but not boring classical look

Look of the Day

For the meeting with Lucia Berdos for an interesting discussion about the contemporary Moldavian art exhibition in BERDS DESIGN HOTEL, I have chosen a feminine-classical outfit in blue tones – the color of this summer. I love all the shades of blue. It is an interesting challenge for me creating the entire look with just one color or even shade, and mixing this color with all the possible other.
Look of the Day

When creating an outfit with a single color, but different shades it is very important to choose clothes of the same tone. In my case, it is a transition from pale to deep blue, without any flashy or bright shades.

The look consist from the main elements of the modern basic wardrobe, such as the pencil skirt, the coat and the shirt. In order to avoid the office routine style in this look, it is important to choose the right cut, color, shoes and accessories. The classical stripped coat has always been in vogue, especially this year when the stripes are a fashion trend. I also added a big rose brooch to the look, note that it is in the same tone. The brooch is a perfect alternative for the neck accessories. There are many accessories like this in a stylist’s wardrobe.

Look of the DayThe shirt and the skirt are both in a strict classical style. The skirt attracts the attention by its neat side pockets and its beautiful print. This kind of skirts and shirts are a good base for the daring combination of sandals with socks. This is a popular trend of the last years, applied especially by very courageous girls that aren’t afraid of excessive attention. I guess that the tutorial about the correct socks selection could be a topic for another article.
Look of the DayThe accessories chosen for this look are beige and brown, like my glasses and my leather bag. They complement the entire look and don’t divert from the main details of my look, thanks to the neutral color and the lack of bright and splashy details.
Berds look of the day collage 4While creating an outfit it is important to understand what should be the main accent, what is the base of the look, how to choose the correct color combination and accessories that will not drown, but complement your look!

Shirt: Benetton
Skirt: Acne
Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Prada

Photo: Anastasia Kashina
Hotel: Berd’s Design Hotel

Special thanks for my hairdresser:
Valentin Soltan

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