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Ah, this yellow color!

IMG_9947“Ah, this yellow boots…”- I am thinking about this lines from Jana Aguzarova’s song every time when I see the yellow color. One of the most bright, and at the same time, one of the most tricky colors. The fashion houses, especially in the spring-summer collections remind us about this color. But this doesn’t mean that anybody can wear this color. How should you wear it, in such a way that this joyful colour will not play a cruel joke with you and destroy your outfit?

IMG_9911IMG_0010Although the yellow color fits my psycho-type, I feel uncomfortable wearing it. But leaving this fashion trend passing me by was impossible for me, so I have found a perfect solution for my self and have bought a skirt with yellow elements. My skirt was fitting perfectly with the bright-yellow sandals by Prada. I think they are those kinds of things that are never getting out of trend and are matching almost every outfit. The look can be complemented with a gray male style svitshot, which is perfectly combining with the yellow color. I will tell you a secret, the best shirts, t-shirts and sweaters can be found in the departments for men, and they cost less than the ones for women 🙂 And the vivid Furla bag has added a finishing touch to the look!


Be sure to try on things of the color of the sun – and the good mood is guaranteed! But first, choose the shade that will fit you. And if you are not sure what to choose, I will help you decide!

Photo: Anastasia Kashina

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