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Antonio Marras – „Not a day without tracing a line”


Antonio Marras has always been one of my favorite designers, who just captures and immerses you into his world! You feel like in a fairytale while wearing his clothes. I have gotten acquainted to his collections during one of my first trips to  Italy, since then I buy something signed by this designer every time I visit this country.

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Antonio Marras’s eccentricity is manifested in everything, in the way he combines the fabrics in his collections, in the prints, and even in the way he runs his fashion shows, transforming them every single time into a theatrical performance. When thinking about him I immediately start to portray frayed sofas, immense antique mirrors, and huge creaky lockers.

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Antonio Marras is, first of all, a painter. This fall there was an exhibition dedicated to his art in the Triennale exhibition center in Milan. The exhibition was called «Nulla dies sine linia» which  loosely translates to “not a day without tracing a line”, this exactly describes Antonio Marras. He finds inspiration in everything, in stories, traveling adventures, sea, passers-by…In his exhibition are presented his paintings, photos, sketches, tissue samples, diaries, and drawings. All of his works represent a skillful and subtle experiment with the light. This exhibition reveals a new part of him.  He is deservedly considered one of the most intellectual Italian designers. All of his works reveal to us his imaginary world, but at the same time, we understand that he was inspired from real life and from real human emotions. One of the most impressive artist’s works is the children’s Class Room, where kids were sharing their fears. This work represents the becoming of the person which has its roots in the childhood.

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I like this kind of contemporary art, which is easy to comprehend; when you immediately understand the idea of the author and find a resonation of it in your soul.

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Triennale di Milano

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