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Artist Eva Amos and her Milan Fashion Week Premier

Eva 3Eva Amos – flamboyant, stylish, communicative and creative. She lives in Milan for 3 years and calls this Mecca of fashion a dynamic city. She can speak for hours about her favourite painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, and her stories will not be just a boring biography from the old outdated books. On the contrary: the artist feels his paintings with her soul and shares her thoughts about them, and the communication with this person is motivational and inspiring.

A blue shirt, “coffee with milk” pants, elegant shoes – this woman is absolutely stylish! It seems that she picked her clothes in the tones of her beautiful paintings. The soft curls are gently falling upon her fragile and thin shoulders. Can you imagine: she has a big responsibility – organising one of the most interesting events in Milan…But first things first.

Eva 2Artist Eva Amos – the organizer and muse of the Milano Fashion Week Premier. On the eve of Fashion Week Premier, this woman shared with me all the intricacies of the organization of this event and told me about her interesting life.

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A few touches to the creative biography of Eva Amos

Eva was born in a family of painters, this fact could not but affect her future profession. A time ago, when a person chose a profession, he had just one speciality. But nowadays, our world is so versatile, that every creative person has the possibility to reveal himself in different ways, and this is manifesting most of all in art. In our days, many artists, including Eva have the possibility to activate not only in one domain, like for example painting but in music as well. If as a child, the girl had to choose a profession, now she can activate in more creative professions at one time.

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Music, art and painting are always inseparable

Eva studied at the professional pedagogical college on the speciality of the artist-designer. The studying process of this creative person was going on in the city of white nights and art – Sankt-Petersburg, where she has finished the university and wrote her final dissertation. She managed to totally reveal her talent in Italy because in here even the air is inspiring! The artist speaks with a trembling voice about Milan, because, after visiting many Italian cities and seeing the whole sunny country, she definitely has chosen this filled with art and fashion city.

Eva 7Eva 5She mixes different styles in her art. It depends on her life period, on the place where she lives, on what she is breathing in. A mix of bright pop art, geometric cubism and outrageous style pop-icon – this is how you can describe the creative signature of the artist. Moreover, Eva uses the classical colours, which are characteristic for realism. She stepped on the Milan path with the participation in gallery owners exhibits

One day, Eva has discovered the organisational talent inside. This is why she wants to gather together creative artists and invites creative persons to her events. There, the artists can discuss the problems of the contemporary art, its influence on society, they debate and communicate, and the live communication is always a part of the art. I really enjoyed the artist’s paintings. I must say that they are easily distinguishable. Now, wherever I see her paintings, I recognize them by her artistic signature. On one hand, her paintings are very vivid, and on another – as Eva’s friend says, they have a Russian spirit and a note of religion.

On 14th of September, at 18.00, in Milano Fashion Library will be held
Milano Fashion Week Premier

Of course, I must tell you about the event itself. The Milan Fashion Week starts on 20 of September, and the organisers every year organize the Fashion Night Out one week before it. And on 14th of September Eva will hold her event. All the fashion people of Milan will be walking through the city at night, different brands will organise events, the vitrines will be decorated!

Eva 8 Eva 9I and my friends will visit this event with a big pleasure – the evening of creative people. Painters, designers and artisans will come to appreciate the contemporary art. The event will be held in the Fashion Library, where people with a spirit similar to mine will be gathering together. I really hope for new acquaintances and a pleasant creative atmosphere.

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Photo: Tatiana Volobueva

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