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Attack of the fashionable plaid “Houndstooth”

look of the day 1If you don’t know what to wear but your wardrobe is filled up with clothes, take a moment to think: maybe it is the time to change your approach to clothing! Forget about boring outfits and old things! Don’t miss the fashion tips from the stylist Olga Malicova, because in this posting I will tell you how to dress stylish and original!

_MG_3287Simple pants, a plaid jacket in the 80’s style, a Gavroche cap and a silk blouse – it seems that it is impossible to invent a more simple and comfortable outfit, but it looks absolutely outstanding. Doesn’t it? Which is the secret of this outfit? The laconic plaid men style jacket is a perfect combination with the dark pants and the geometrical printed silk blouse. But this isn’t enough to make this outfit complete. Do you remember Hugo’s book “Les Misérables”? If not, I highly recommend you to read it. Because the Gavroche cap is associated with the main character of the book – the noble street child named Gavroche. Recently I have written about this cap in an article about accessories. You can read my fashion tips, and the perfect combinations for this cap in here. A stylists’ fashion tip: when worn backwards, this cap looks like a beret. In order to complement the dark colour, I have used a bag of the same tone.

_MG_3301_MG_3335 _MG_3351The special appeal of this look is the equally stylish accessory – the wide white YSL belt from the Stefano Pilati period, which I have worn over the jacket. The whiteness of the Dior bracelet and stud earrings are somehow resounding the whiteness of the belt. The coquettish bow on the blouse adds femininity and romanticism to the outfit, I emphasized its stylish burgundy colour with a lipstick in the same tone. The golden accessories add elegance to the look.

_MG_3324 _MG_3353 _MG_3367We live in the era when there is a splash of different cultures, when the fashion is so contradictory that the trends change, like the gloves of an aristocratic lady. During this period it is hard to be true to your individual style, and it is even more complicated to chose clothes that will not just be trendy, but also appropriate for the season. Smile, radiate, be happy! And keep in mind Ralph Lauren words: “Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s something else that comes from within you”.


Photo: Tatiana Volobueva

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