Fashion Week

The trip to Paris: day #3

Common Fashion Week

Autumn crept into my beloved Milan. While the morning fog covers the entire sleeping city, I imaginary transport a week back in Paris where the mild autumn sun touches the top of the trees, painting them yellow. That day…

The trip to Paris : Day #2

Common Fashion Week

The Paris Fashion week has its own rhythm that you must follow, every second is scheduled. But there is one thing I am certain about: in Paris is very important to start the day correctly. I and Zina had decided to…

The trip to Paris : Day #1

Common Fashion Week

There are days when you have to manage so many things, that in this chaos you can even forget about your favorite coffee, without which is so difficult to start the day. Tired but with many solved issues behind,…


Common Fashion Week

For a couple of  seasons, John Galliano fashion house, under the direction of the creative director  Bill Gaytten, is combining brutality and delicacy in their collections.  Bill Gaytten has removed the eccentricity, which was typical for John Galliano. Now the…