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Contemporary art or how to perceive it

HC_060I try to visit the center of contemporary art – Centre Pompidou each time I visit Paris. This time I have managed to visit the exhibition of the American painter Cy Twombly.

HC_061For a couple of years in a row, I play a game each time at this kind of exhibitions, I try to understand the artist’s idea, imagine what has been inspiring him without reading the comments and exhibition announcements. Sometimes my assumptions are close enough to the artist’s ideas, how it was in  Damien Hirst’s case, I have talked about this artist earlier. But this time, I just couldn’t understand the thoughts of the author. No matter how hard I have been trying, everything that came into my mind while analyzing Cy Twombly art was the memories about the school time drawings on the board during the breaks or the “paintings” on paper made during a long phone conversation with a friend.

HC_072HC_069HC_063HC_070As it came up, his muses where the antique myths and legends, and the primitive art of the ancient tribes. I even can imagine how the artist takes the canvas, paint, smears it on the canvas, and what you get – is still a canvas covered with paint, that is not related to any other reality. Probably, the only thing that matters is the order in which the paint covers the canvas. And probably, the order is the main meaning. It may be better or worse, meaning that the composition may be more or less successful. Contemporary paintings can also be painted skillfully and clumsily, and, perhaps, anyone can learn to distinguish it, you just have to train your eyes, but my eyes probably are still not quite ready for this.

HC_073HC_057HC_056 (1)HC_067I do not claim to be an art critic, this is my personal opinion and impression. But what do you think about contemporary art?

Photo:Zina Esepciuc

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