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Fashion in colors

OlgaMalicova2Looking through the fashion magazines, scrolling through the feed of fashion blogs, I am always attracted by colorful photo sessions of the fashion collections. But lately, they are harmoniously coexisting with the fashion illustration. Nowadays it is already a separate field of art, that was famous long before the apparition of gloss, but was subsequently replaced by the century of photography.

Don’t you agree that these illustrations are somehow magical? Thanks to the social media, and most of all to Instagram, the illustrations have made their way back to the fashion world! The sketches of some artists are so beautiful that the most stylish fashion houses line up to get them!

After catching this fashion wave, I was very curious to see the drawn version of me. Three illustrators have responded to my request. Each of them has his unique technique, his own style. It resulted in very beautiful and in a way, unexpected images. I didn’t want to limit the artists, on the contrary, I wanted to give them the freedom to express themselves and their individuality. Do you like it?

Final Olga2

Sarah Jane

Olga in Milan2

Gigi Thanawongrat


Maria Soldatova

olga malicova

Cristina Stashkevich

Once immersed in the world of fashion illustration, now it’s hard for me to stop))) That is why I decided to announce a small contest for the best illustration of me! You can send your creations to, and I will definitely write about you!

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