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LOOK OF THE DAYIt is not a secret that the jeans are the lifeboat of every girl. They are the salvation in the days when you don’t have enough time or aren’t in the right for dresses, skirts or complicated outfits.

This is the main principle my outfit is based on. The jeans are the main article thanks to the colorful embroidery and to the stylish cut – shortened and slightly flared high – waisted jeans.
Denim LOOK OF THE DAYThe look is complemented by monochromatic elements, such as the white laced blouse, blue suede sandals and the yellow shoulder bag. These elements are also vivid due to their color and details, but they play secondary role thanks to their monotony. The presence of the heels in the look isn’t accidental. The shortened slightly flared jeans visually shorten the legs, and the heels corrects the wrong proportions. The straw wide brim hat and the big round glasses complement the established Spanish retro style.
Denim LOOK OF THE DAYWith a less bright and detailed pair of jeans, I would create a stylish outfit with an accent on a brighter top, shoes or accessories. This is the main difficulty – the definition of the main attribute.

Knowing more about the looks based on jeans, the spontaneusly picked outfit will not look longer seem as a life boat, but may become a beautiful Spanish bonitera.Denim LOOK OF THE DAY

Photo: Anastasia Kashina

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