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After a couple of seasons, the lingerie-inspired style is still a fashion trend; the stylists from all over the world create their own versions of this style. In 1994, Calvin Klein has presented for the first time the layered slip-dress on the podium. After 10 years, Francisco Costa tried to repeat Calvin Klein’s success.

The lingerie-inspired style – a 90’s comeback, maybe even of the yearly 2000s, the combined layered slip dress isn’t an exception. Thanks to the silk and laces, the dress creates a delicate and sexy look. The fact that this layered wear is still lingerie somehow confuses and stops many women from wearing it. That’s why I decided to share with you my own vision of this trend, and reveal the secrets of the creation of different looks based on this fashion trend.

look of the day

I have picked this look for the presentation of the final works of young designers from the Technical University of Moldova. For this outfit I have combined a slip dress with a white t-shirt and a pair of classic sandals. Theslight layering of thisoption balances the sexuality, creating a daytime semi-casual look. Among the high-heeled shoes, I have added to the look a splashy accessory – a small beaded bag. In this outfit, the number of accessories and the details control the level of elegance and stylishness.

look of the dayThis outfit is easily converted into an evening one – just by baring the shoulders. In addition, you can add a light transparent blazer or a kimono to the outfit. You can make this combination an everyday look by changing the high-heeled sandals with a pair of flat shoes or sneakers. I also love the street style looks with a leather coat or a bomber jacket over the slip dress, paired with a pair of rough Converse or Dr. Martens shoes. An interesting combination for the women that are not afraid of attention is the slip dress over a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of high-heeled shoes. There is an important RULE in the creation of lingerie-inspired looks – you cannot wear big accessories, such as massive earrings or necklaces because they can add an irrelevant touch of triviality.
look of the dayActually, there are many different ways to wear this trend; it depends on your mood, style and the level of confidence.

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Dress: Intimissimi
Sergio Rossi
J12 Chanel
Iuri Cazac

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