Fashion Week: The presentation of FW 2017-2018 Collection by Maison Michel

Maison-Michel_11Some time ago I have found in a fashion magazine an article about hats “If you choose a hat, then Maison Michel only!” You all know that I adore hats, this is why I totally agree with this statement. Hats are a very feminine part of the wardrobe, and I like the fact that more and more attention is paid to this element. During Paris Fashion week I have been to the new Maison Michel collection presentation, and I was delighted.

Maison-Michel_9The brand gained its reputation an popularity in the 60s thanks to their wide-brimmed straw hat. Since then the brand has started collaborations with the biggest and most famous fashion houses.

Maison-Michel_10Maison-Michel_15The presentation of the autumn-winter 2017-2018 collection was held on one of the most famous streets of Paris, St. Honore. At the entrance, a young woman greeted and spoke to us about the concept of the collection for this season. The creative director Laetitia Crahay has surprised us once again with her modern hats, successfully experimenting with unexpected shapes, modern materials, and the traditional French style. The sports theme is also represented in the collection. The baseball cups lovers will certainly find something for their taste. It was very interesting to see on the hats belts and climbing ropes instead of the regular hat-ribbon. I am impressed by the fact that Maison Michel designers aren’t afraid to move beyond the usual concept for this season, they have prooved that hats can be manufactured not only from felt but from mohair knitwear, tweed, and special waterproof fabric as well. The new collection consists of different hats and accessories, starting with neat hats of classic colors: burgundy, dark blue, gray, suitable for women of all ages, and finishing with trendy forms created especially for daring fashionistas. I have chosen a couple of hats for myself, and the rim-scarf on a flexible wire made me fall in love with it!


Did I convince you that every woman should have at least one hat in her wardrobe? Depending on the material they are made of, they can be suitable for every season. Soon there will be even more reviews and fashion tips from me. Stay tuned.

Photo: Зина Есепчук
Showroom: Maison Michel, Париж, St Honore

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