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“I take care of my city” – Mayor Pietro and his Esino Lario

Those who read my blog for a long time know that I am a very communicative person. This is why the faith always connects me with interesting people. Today I will tell you about a person like this, a hardworking, purposeful man who is in love with his city.

The mayor of the picturesque Italian city Esino LarioPietro Pensa has a fantastic family: a charming wife and five adorable daughters. Pietro manages to solve important things in his city and to pay special attention to his wife and daughters.

The personal qualities of the mayor – the city’s key to success

When Elena Mihailo (Pensa) has invited me to visit Esino Lario, I accepted the invitation and received an inspirational boost not only from the beautiful mountain view but also from the communication with the wonderful Pensa family.

_DSC2821I know the mayor and his wife for a long time when Pietro didn’t have a high office yet. HE gives the impression of a well-read, intelligent, family man, you feel his inner inexhaustible energy. Also, you can notice with an untrained eye his everlasting interest to his job. During the communication with him, you can notice his good manners, Pietro comes from an aristocratic family. This is complimented by his bright smile, good sense of humour and the mutual love and respect in his family. Together with the head of the city and his beautiful wife, we wandered through the picturesque city, and he has shown us many interesting places, telling us the story of one or another architectural monument.

_DSC2698_DSC2720 _DSC2764

Wikimania Esino Lario 2016

How did the mayor’s path start? 5 years ago, Pietro Pensa received the proposal to create the Wikimania Esino Lario 2016, project and  provide it to the management of the Wikimedia Foundation. This was a part of the International Congress of the active Wikipedia members. The future city’s head was lucky: the administration reviewed and accepted his project. I must mention, that in the final, the main concurrent where the absolute opposite cities in the dimensions and infrastructure – Esino Lario and Manilla. Pietro received the proposal to run for the mayor, in order to facilitate this interesting and important event.

The founder of Wikipedia – Jimmy Wales, took a part at the conference himself and has been in Esino for one week. Much to the surprise of the local residents, the event was visited by over 1700 members from 70 different countries. Can you imagine how it looked from the side? There wasn’t room to swing a cat, or even a small mouse – so many people. Also, Esino is one of the few mountain towns in Italy, which has broadband free Internet access. Of course, it was a huge advantage for the members of the conference. For one week, the city has become not just the centre of the world’s knowledge, but the centre of the universe.

The permanent caring of his land

Later, his colleagues had discovered Pietro’s good managerial abilities. Can you even imagine: in one year the mayor has turned the city inside out, he has built and rebuild buildings, and repaired everything that needed repair. Esino started to sparkle in new colours, and from a small adamant into a huge diamante, and has started living a bright and interesting life. Today, this small city is a successful one and is still evolving.

_DSC2665So that you imagine all the beauty of the terrain, imagine such a picture: the high peaks of Prealp stretched out as if embracing the small beautiful city. The deep and clean Lake Como inspired many artists, poets and composers with its views, and the remarkable architecture emphasized the greatness and beauty of Esino Lario. It is also called the city, frozen in the clouds, the pearl of Mount Grigna (Grigna), at the foot of which is located. This is a picturesque land, in which you want to return. I enjoyed walking around this wonderful place: the hair is waving in the warm breeze, the air is filled with the aroma of freshness, the mountains beckon you with their ancient canyons, and the sun touches your cheeks, creating a gentle blush.

_DSC2791But let’s return to the mayor’s personality. Even the statistics will tell you more about him. Before Pietro Pensa has become a mayor, there were born 4 children per year. In 2017 the number increased to 13, and of course, this natality increase has a reason. The local people have a stability, they are sure about tomorrow, they have a better life. Pietro allocates a bonus of 1000 euros to each mother, which gives birth to a child. Probably, every family dreams of such a present from the head of the city. Also, in 2017 this money is also allocated for bonuses for the best students. The young people that have the highest grade in the middle school get about 250 euro per year. It is a help from the municipality, for the student’s needs – books and school supplies.

The cultural life in Esino Lario

It is about a year and a couple of months after the Wikimania. The mayor and his colleagues have many projects. The administration of the Lombardy region has selected in the last year Pietro as the best mayor of the region, the most active and productive.

_DSC2781 _DSC2841 _DSC2853The president of Lombardy region, Roberto Maroni has proposed Esinio Lario as the place for conferences, congresses and meetings. Of course, the region has allocated a budget for this. The creation of Ostello Tecnologico «Incubatoio delle Idee» – the incubator of ideas has started. An informational note for those who like technologies and art – the first conference will be held in March-June of the next year! And very soon, will begin excavations of the Celtic castle. Can you imagine how interesting it is? And the list of fascinating events in this city doesn’t stop at these,  in October there will be held the cinematographical exhibition dedicated to the famous Italian film director,  Pier Paolo Pasolini. You can watch the retrospective of his movies, and appreciate the exhibition of the works of Pier’s personal photographer -Roberto Villa, who was accompanying Pasolini during the shootings. Now the locals are thinking of different techniques for tourists attraction, and I must say that they work at the highest speed.

_DSC2823_DSC2879Mayor Pietro Penza strives to make the town a better and more comfortable place for its inhabitants, because the hard work and love for his job, the respect from others and the government support give their results. I wish Pietro inspiration, to his family – happiness and warmth, and to the town – prosperity and many new and interesting projects.


Photo: Manuela Magni
Retouch: Irina Barcari



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