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Milan Fashion week: Ultrachic Spring / Summer 2017

ultrachic-spring-summer-2017-7The limitless imagination and the great passion for art guarantee exclusiveness, and at the same time uniqueness to every new collection of the Italian brand Ultrachic.

Clothes by this brand always have a touch of rock-n-roll and at the same time are very feminine and romantic.

In the new Spring/Summer 2017 Collection are used some already distinguishable and authentic Ultrachic prints.

Every fashionista that loves the contemporary urban chic style will certainly find some corresponding pieces in the new collection.ultrachic-spring-summer-2017-1 ultrachic-spring-summer-2017-2olga-malicova-ultrachic-ss2017-collage ultrachic-spring-summer-2017-3ultrachic-spring-summer-2017-4ultrachic-spring-summer-2017-8ultrachic-spring-summer-2017-5 ultrachic-spring-summer-2017-6

Photo: Jenia Broggi
Brand: Ultrachic

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