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Milano Street Style – The beauty of the details and the brightness of the palette

Milano_Street-Look_Bright_7Milan is my second house. Every time I return there, breath in the air of memories, of freedom, cheery simplicity and the surrounding beauty. Sometimes it seems that in there even the sun is shining in a different way: lighter, brighter and warmer. You want to reveal yourself to the world, to create and love. For me Milan is the small grain that is required for the complete recipe of my happiness.

Street Style Milano Collage 1My today’s look is representing the street style of Milan. The beauty of the details and the brightness of the palette are easy harmonizing with the ease and good mood. This is what Milan charges me with, and what I give in return. My cheerful coquetry is expressed through bright yellow Prada slippers with a feminine buckle. The freedom of mind, confidence and calmness – through black leather leggings, a blue envelope bag and a Na’vi blue shirt dress. My practical trench – transformer is the final touch of my style; it is toning it and shows the freshness and youth of my soul.

This is how I walk the fashion in Milan, with the wide open soul. Don’t be afraid to open yourself to the world, the world can surprise you in retur

Photo: Zinaida Esepciuc
Leggings: Zara
Trench-Transformer: Burberry Brit
Shoes: Prada
Bag: Furla
Sunglasses: Dior
Watch: Chanel J12

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