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Paillettes, mules and a wrap over blouse for Milan Fashion Week

For MFW event, I prepared an outfit that I wore at the men’s fashion week. Of course, it is up-to-date and trendy so far.

MFW 5My outfit starts with a sparkling black skirt, fully embroidered with paillettes. Oh, these paillettes and spangles, probably their radiance, as well as the radiance of the Dior highlighter, can be observed even from the cosmos. While technology does not allow us to make Fashion Weeks on Mars, let’s return back to earthly matters. Paillettes have their origin in the french word Paillette, which means “golden grain”. These sparkling pieces where considered a time ago elements of the night life. But the time passes, and everything changes, so, nowadays every fashionista can sparkle and shine covered with bugles and paillettes at every time of the day.
The most important thing is to find your own combination of beauty, brilliance and everyday routine. I walk the style, that’s why my vision of beauty and brilliance is like this.

MFW 6What did attract me so much in this skirt? I will tell you, it somehow reminds me of my Moldovian roots. This skirt tells the story about my Chisinau origin. And this fantastic flowers! They are also considered a trend nowadays. This element in your wardrobe would perfectly combine with a black sweater or with a simple white shirt. But I wasn’t searching for easy ways for walking the style on the streets of Milan, so I picked another combination: I wore it with the hit of this season – a wrap over blouse. When I wear this skirt, it somehow inspires me to new fashion acquisitions. For example, many years ago I discovered the brand based in London, called Ashish. This designer decorates every clothing with paillettes. I fell in love with the clothes from this brand, and have bought myself a waistcoat. Since that time he always reminds me of the London fashion.

MFW 8MFW 9But let’s return back to the outfit. I decorated it with details: a pair of orange mules, my favourite hair rim, which is a trend,  present in the latest collections of New York Fashion Week. A small, sparkling bag from my collection, that is covered with bugles – I am ready to conquer the fashion Olympus.


Photo: Katerina Tyurina

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