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Stephane Rolland’s ss2017 embodies couture at its finest

HC_053For a couple of years in row, the French designer Stephane Rolland doesn’t organize big fashion shows. The presentation of the couture collection for spring-summer 2017 was held in Xinhua Gallery.

The sculptural cut and the incredible shapes – this is the unfeigned couture at its finest. Eye-catching feminine silhouettes with unbelievable beautiful details. This collection is a real miracle. 15 incredible dresses were made just in 15 days. Even this fact didn’t affect the result. The fantastic experiments with the fabric, inspired by the art of the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brincusi, especially by his series of works in marble and metal, in two parts; one with the rounded forms called “Beginning of the World,” and the other one in soaring “bird” motif. Stephane Rolland didn’t just create a new creation, he tried to add special sense to each of his creations, like a real sculptor. The body, and the clothes respectively are a way of expression of thoughts and ideas. For designers, fashion is a way to express their selves, unconstrained liberty.

SRHC SS17 - 4 SRHC SS17 - 5 SRHC SS17 - 8 SRHC SS17 - 12SRHC SS17 - 15SRHC SS17 - 14


I am delighted by the designer’s collection, I cannot even imagine how he will surprise us in the next season, but I am looking forward to seeing it!

Photo: Zina Esepciuc

Stephane Rolland

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