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Surely, while flipping through the pages of fashion magazines and analyzing the styles that somerimes tell full stories, we can’t help to try them on ourselves, we want to have the same appearance, live the same life and have the same clothes. But did you ever think that beyond every beautiful picture you see is a whole crew that creates this beautiful story?

When I arrived in Milan, I and my Elena Mihailo were invited to become a part of the crew as a stylist for the fashion photo shooting for Ozero Komo magazine. Of course, we gladly agreed.

Ozero KOMO Styling Olga Malicova and Elena Mihailo
The first thing that surprised me was the location. The photos were taken in one of the oldest furniture factories in Italy – Riva 1920. The uniqueness of the factory consists in the fact that they create furniture from fabrics that nobody before used, as for example the trunks of kauri trees that were stuck underground for millions of years – those that have seen the dinosaurs, or old oak bindings used for gondolas in Venice!

The second thing that surprised me was our international crew – Italy, Russia, Columbia, Ukraine and Moldova! We were very lucky, all of us are real professionals in their domain, with similar views about the concept of beauty! In such a serious project is important that the crew works closely together; only  through synthesis between the crew members a good result can be achieved. I am very content with our result!

Ozero KOMO Styling Olga Malicova and Elena Mihailo
Being a stylist isn’t a regular job with hours of work from 9.00 to 18.00 and a lunch break. This process is absolutely different from the classical work schedule, it is probably already a lifestyle. I always think about my job, I am always in the search of new solutions, ideas, and the most important thing is that I always self-improve, and I enjoy it!

Ozero KOMO Styling Olga Malicova and Elena Mihailo

I want to thank once again the editors of the Ozero Komo magazine
Natalia Brusentsova  and Tatiana Rykaun
for this unforgettable experience.

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