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Sunday is the day when the channel Naviglio Grande in Milano turns into a big flea market. Exactly one month ago I decided to take a walk in Mercatone dell’Antiquariato.

This is an Italian market that is grand thanks to the hype around it and to the diversity of interesting goods. All around there are big crowds of sellers at their stalls, surrounded by crowds of tourists, fashion designers and many students from Marangoni and European Design Institute, that are searching for something interesting for their creations. They are ready to cross thoroughly all the market, in the search of vintage things that are such trendy nowadays.

You can find in there also regular people from Milan, that came just to spend some time in here, and maybe find something interesting for themselves.

mercatone-dellantiquariato-naviglio-grande-olga-malicova-trip-to-milan-1 mercatone-dellantiquariato-naviglio-grande-olga-malicova-trip-to-milan-7 mercatone-dellantiquariato-naviglio-grande-olga-malicova-trip-to-milan-5

In here there are goods of all types: furniture, objects of art, antique kitchen utensils. To be honest, this place can barely be called a flea market, it is more like and antique store with a big diversity of vintage things.

I remember very well the first time that I visited Naviglio, it was six years ago. I was dazzled and had the urge to buy everything I see! But, nowadays it is hard to find something worthwhile, you have to search for it; it is impossible even to find a complete Fornasetti set! Nowadays you can find almost at every corner an interesting and fancy restaurant or an antique boutique. In the evening Naviglio becomes the place where all the aristocratic beau monde gathers.

mercatone-dellantiquariato-naviglio-grande-olga-malicova-trip-to-milan-11 mercatone-dellantiquariato-naviglio-grande-olga-malicova-trip-to-milan-3 mercatone-dellantiquariato-naviglio-grande-olga-malicova-trip-to-milan-10 mercatone-dellantiquariato-naviglio-grande-olga-malicova-trip-to-milan-12mercatone-dellantiquariato-naviglio-grande-olga-malicova-trip-to-milan-13
This time I’ve found a couple of good books about fashion, and I am thinking about visiting this place today one more time, and maybe buy something! I hope it will be a pleasant autumn weather.


Photo: Jenia Brogi

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