Common Fashion Week



The fashion industry isn’t static, it is permanentely evolving and it’s doing it fast. Every year new names apear in the fashion industry. Thanks to such projects as Totem Fashion stylists and buyers have the opportunity to find out about them.

Yesterday took place the Totem Fashion press day in Paris, where there were presented the spring-summer 2017 collections of the young French and international designers (Aicanon, Alex Mullins, Allude, Anne Sofie Madson, Antonio Ortega, Avoc, Bowie Wong, Catalina Brenes, Chin Men’s, Dorhout Mees, Gentle Monster, Icosae, Instituto Marangoni Paris, Joulien Fournie, Manish AroraNiels Peeraer, Richard Quinn, Sean Suen, South Lane Stockholm, Xuan-Zoe Lee).

Altought there were spring-summer collections, some of the designers had warm outwear presented in their collections, mainly opting for wool and big knits. The collections were mainly feminine, original and very interesting. Every outfit had plenty of unique details, shapes and silhouettes, spectacular accessories and a wide variety of tissues. Thank you for the invitation.

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Photo: Зина Есепчук

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