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“What are the girls made of?”

IMG_0288Do you remember this funny quote by Marshak? Today me and Olga will rephrase it a little and will talk about “what are the Italian girls made of”. 

Unlike our previous protagonist Luca Stradivari, who doesn’t use any electronic device and social network, Carolina’s world is made of modern technologies and fashion. She put together these two components in order to offer something completely new to the fashion world. But let’s take first things first …

IMG_0311Let me introduce You Carolina Molossi: excellent education, exquisite style, sweet face and a plenty of blonde hair. She looks like I have always imagined an italian aristocratic girl. Carolina has graduated from the Milano University with a degree in philosophy, but from childhood fashion has always been her great passion. Yes, she is a philosopher in love with fashion. Daughter of two journalists, Carolina started writing very early. When she was 18, she has founded a personal blog “Me in her shoes”. You have probably already understood that the blog was dedicated to the beloved mother and her shoes. Like all the young girls, she loves so much trying her mom’s clothes.

IMG_0392IMG_0178For a couple of years Carolina lives between London and Milano. She told us that she feels like a real Italian only when she is abroad. While in London, she loves to spend her weekends at Tate Modern or at the National Gallery. Fortunately, the British capital is always full of cultural events. Carolina’s perfect day starts with yoga at her favorite studio, then one meeting after another, a business lunch at Yauatcha restaurant, e-mail check and at the end of the day she loves to drop into Anthropology Store to savour the new collection.

IMG_0304The mornings in Milano also start with yoga, sometimes she delights herself with the traditional Italian breakfast “cappuccino e cornetto”, because cappuccino like in Milano You will not find anywhere. Carolina’s favorite fashion addresses are – 10 Corso Como, Tea Rose, Memèm Via Savona, Mariza Tassy and of course, Penelope, one of the best vintage stores. We are glad that our tastes are so similar (smiling).

IMG_0411And now we will tell you about the most important project, the one to which for the last 6 months Carolina dedicates most of her time. In collaboration with her London friend, she has created a virtual platform dedicated to the designers from one side and to the stylists, bloggers, influencers from another. BOOKALOOK will surely make easier the process of selection of the clothes for fashion shootings and another different fashion projects. Using it, You will always be in touch with your favorite brands and discover the new ones. It deserves having a look at it (smiling) BOOKALOOK exists just for a couple of months, but they have already started collaboration with a lot of famous brands and some new names. Carolina doesn’t choose the easiest way to go on, but we are sure that all her beginnings will have great success.

Go Carolina, go!


Special thanks to  Clotilde Bistrot for the location @clotildebistrot



Photo:Jenia Broggi


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