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What to wear this autumn

olga malicova skirtSeptember is a special month. It’s the time when we enjoy the last sunny days, return from the vacation and get ready for new activities. Autumn is filled with very interesting events for me, but the most important is the 4 Week Fashion Marathon.
olga-malicova-skirt-collage-2New York and London had already pleased us with the new fashion collections for the spring, in which is easily noticeable the fight between over-size and femininity. I can’t wait to see what Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks have to offer. By the way, about this…

While getting ready for Paris and Milan I started to think about the way I want to look and the things I want to wear this autumn. It didn’t take me too long to think, thanks to my creative and inspiring vacation.img_1275So, the femininity and sexuality have won. In this outfit I use elements from the basic wardrobe and some distinctive elements that express my personal style. The pencil skirt has always been a must-have, beautiful additional elements, such as the vivid-blue lace decoration with a flower print, just add more stylish freshness to the outfit. The cropped blouse with a shifted waist is the perfect summer combination with the pencil skirt. The rounded style of the blouse softens the outfit and adds more femininity, not obvious sexuality.
img_1213The delicacy is accentuated by the velvet sandals. The black-framed glasses and the vertical-lined clutch of a graphite color, emphasize the linearity of the entire outfit and remove the excessive mawkishness that is common for feminine outfits.
img_1230olga-malicova-skirt-collage-1This is the way I see myself today, we will see how I will walk the streets of Paris and Milan. Follow me and get inspired by my style in this fashionable and beloved cities of mine.

Photo: Anastasia Kashina

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