About me

Ones image of himself “I” usually consists of three different elements: the way we want to be, the way others perceive us, and our pure and real “true self”. The harmony among these three elements is something that every human being tries to achieve.

Now, I would like to tell you what is my vision of my own “I”. I am a human – I love life the way it is. I accept myself as I am, accept the surrounding world and I try to see the reality, and not live with illusions. My life is a path, and I am its creator. I am a woman who likes to travel the most of all. Travelling is my passion and it is the means that, I chose for discovering the world. The trips give me priceless opportunity to receive information and knowledge. Other passions,which I have, are fashion and contemporary art. These two interests play a major role in my life. Although my personal style and expression had already been formed, I still to improve and develop myself.

Today I can say that I am proud of myself, of my life, and of the blessing to meet fantastic people on my life path. Now I feel that I need to share all my thoughts and adventures with you. Most of all about my travel adventures, my interests, my impressions, my reformations and everything I pass through.  I hope that things I share will become for you a great way to find out something new and interesting in your life.

I hope that my world will become an inspiration for you, and my “I” will correspond to your impression of me.