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Paris au printemps

OM-Paris_10There are days when my style depends only on my mood. Then my look isn’t created based on a recipe, from carefully chosen stylish objects. It creation is a spontaneous process, which I call inspiration. Inspiration is never as clear as the thought. It is always expressed through a small and vague detail. But if you reach out to it and follow, all the details are clearing up step by step and create a complete style.

OM-Paris_7This time, I was inspired by Paris in spring. Oh, how long I haven’t visited it. Not too many things changed visually during 4 years, I guess that I am the one who changed. Before, Paris was for me just mood, but now, in my new role as a blogger, I have begun to notice and absorb some new and small details of Paris.
Paris Collage 1The spring atmosphere of the city has inspired me with the green but still cold ground, with the gentleness of the trees in blossom and with its cool breeze. I remembered about my forgotten emerald coat by Jil Sander, bought in the times when Raf Simons was still the creative director. It was that first – vague detail of my inspired look. Step by step my unique flower-earrings appeared – they accentuate my coat correctly; the minimalistic black leggings and the silk blouse with a dramatic feathery collar. This is how my look of spring in Paris was created.

OM-Paris-Montmartre_2Paris Collage 2Paris Collage 3I always try to feel the places that I visit, and become, at least for a small amount of time a part of them. I enjoyed my style, Paris and the diversity of outdoor cafes on my favorite square – Place Des Artistes Montmartre. In one of these cafes, I realized once again that the stereotypes of other countries always pass me by. Paris always had the reputation of a place with snobbery in the service sector; but not this time and not with me. I could feel the French hospitality in the face of a joyful and joking waiter that served me. He has also become a small part of my photo-project!

OM-Paris-Montmartre_4OM-Paris-Montmartre_8OM-Paris-Montmartre_9The beauty and inspiration generated by Paris in spring – “Paris au printemps”. I guess in Paris every day would be like this…

Photo: Zina Esepciuc
Blouse: Винтаж
Leggings: Zara
Coat: Jil Sander
Shoes: Miu Miu
Bag: & Other Stories
Sunglasses: Marni
Earrings: No brand

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