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10 most trendy accessories of this fall. Stylist’s tips


The Fashion marathon in the world’s romantic capital – Paris is over, but I still continue to draw inspiration from the outfits of the fashionable men and women of this unique city. While admiring the amazing street style looks, I have decided to make a selection of the best accessories, and at the same time, share with you the trends of this season.

Do you still remember the outfits that I have been walking this summer? If no, I highly recommend you to watch over the colourful explosion of fashion-colours on my Instagram. So, the summer trends have smoothly slipped into autumn, and the summertime outfits are still trendy in the next season, fall. We still wear clothes of the trendy burgundy colour, tie the jacket around the waist, put on mules and fur-trimmed shoes, show off wearing berets and Gavroche style caps.

Today you will get a couple of fashion tips from the stylist Olga Malicova, so get ready to take some notes!


The headband can be perfectly combined with denim, blouses and shirts, jeans and dresses, sneakers, mules and even high-heels. You can use it as a standing-out detail if you want to make a basic outfit more interesting. For myself, I have chosen a headband of the “burgundy” colour that is a trend during this season, and it combines with almost every element of my wardrobe. In addition, I put on my sunglasses and feel at my best!

obodok 5


The cap in the Gavroche style – is an indefeasible trend of this fall. We wear it with a plaid suit, with jeans or skirts, and also with a flower printed dress in a romantic style. Less sport, more romance. I, myself love to improvise, so I wore this cap with a vividly printed t-shirt and with short jeans. I have added a little sprinkle of feminity to my outfit with the help of elegant earrings, which diluted a little bit the street style outfit. By the way, do you know what was the impetus for the creation of the cap Gavroche? It was created for the first time in the 19th Century, after the publication of Victors Hugo “Les Misérables”. The main character, Gavroche, which had a very noble heart, was instantly loved by the French people. From that moment, this accessory with a voluminous top, and with a small brim began to be associated with the image of this young abandoned child.

gavroshaScreenshot 2017-10-08 21.34.33


Oh, this French beret! How many avid glances it attracts while complementing an elegant coat and high-heeled shoes. It was always like that. But everything changes, and you may have the question: how to wear the beret during this season? Most of all I love the interpretation by Maria Grazia Chiuri in the Dior collection for this season. She managed to infiltrate correctly this accessory both in the sport and romantic style.

beret dior

beret 3


Belts and again, belts… This is the real trend of this season. Big, volumetric belts and small straps – they will emphasize your individuality. During this season it is in trend to wear plaid suits or a coat, and a wide belt over it. A similar trend is tieing up the suit around the waist.

remeni 2


Scarf – this is that kind of accessory that is able to save even the most boring classical outfit. We are used to wearing scarves as they are purposed, but fashion dictates the opposite. Now it is in trend not just to wear the scarf on your shoulders and neck, but also wear it on the waistline or making a fashionable collar out of it. You can wear them on your handbag, and it will look very elegant.


Asymmetrical earrings

The asymmetrical earrings are the hottest trend right now. Sometimes, we get bored wearing regular earings, so as an interesting alternative, we can wear asymmetrical accessories. After all, you remember the legendary words by Gabriel (Coco) Chanel: “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”. I, for example, manage to match asymmetrical Bijoux with all the elements of my wardrobe: whether it’s a kimono or an elegant dress, ragged jeans or a powder colour shirt. Moreover, I love sorting this kind of earrings with sunglasses and a headband. Isn’t this beautiful?

obodok 1

Furry shoes

Furry shoes – fur-trimmed slippers, which are very comfortable and in addition play a decorative role. It isn’t a necessary element of your wardrobe, but if you want to stand out and you love all that is soft and furry, you will definitely fall in love with this kind of shoes.



Mules – the atypical solution for every outfit. The unique orange coloured mules, I combine with a sparkling ethnic-style skirt with a flower print,  with a shirt of a beautiful blue colour and complement the outfit with my favourite burgundy headband. It looks just stunning! By the way, you can read a detailed description of this outfit in here.


Kangaroo bag

It is easy to notice the return to the 80’s and 90’s because the kangaroo bags are back in trend. I recommend wearing them not just in the regular way, but also, over the shoulder or tied around the waist – it looks really stylish.

kenguru bag


The most unusual accessories that have slipped from summer into autumn are the sunglasses. By the way, they can be not just a way to protect your eyes from the sun, but also an important detail the emphasizes your personality. The only thing I want you to pay a big attention to is the quality of the sunglasses, don’t economize and buy good and expensive ones, because you have just one pair of eyes and you must protect them. Yes, the glasses with different decorative elements for Instagram have not been cancelled, but those are nothing more than accessories for photos.


Improvize, let your creativity spread its wings and fly, because, the most important thing while following the trends is to not lose your individuality.


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