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Bar Luce – the classic of design and art of the 60s

Milano_Bar-Luce_13My morning ritual starts with a cup of good cappuccino and a brioche. Doesn’t matter if I am at home, on a holiday or in a visit, I don’t break this morning routine. The day starts with a morning walk and the search for a good cafe. One of the main purposes of  my last trip to Milan was visiting my favorite museum Fondazione Prada. It make me think: why wouldn’t I drink a cup of good cappuccino in the Bar Luce, which is in the museum territory.

Milano_Bar-Luce_5One year ago Miuccia Prada has opened a museum of contemporary art, I will tell you more about it in the next article. Today I want to tell you about the Bar Luce. If translated from Italian, Bar Luce means – The Bar of Light! I don’t know the origins of this name. However, if I turn on my imagination, I can assume that it is called so thanks to the design of the illumination, and to the fact that this place is enlightening. After all, the bar hosts are mostly the museum visitors.
Milano_Bar-Luce_16An interesting fact about this place: the decoration is based on the idea of the well-known filmmaker Wes Andreson, note – filmmaker, not a designer. The style of the interior reproduces the Milan cafe of the 60s. The style is reflected in numerous details, in the colors, lines of the walls, in the facing, wood panels and soft upholstered colorful furniture. This cafe has incredibly high ceilings. The film-director has chosen patterned wallpapers for the ceilings, trying to recreate a miniature of the Milan Gallery Vittorio Emanuele. The photo wallpapers over wood panels also recreate the windows and balconies of the famous building. If you are familiar with the movies directed by Wes Anderson, you can notice his unique esthetic style. Wes says that he wanted to create not just a place that looks good on the screen, but also a real place, where people could enjoy communicating, working and reading.
Milano_Bar-luce_14Milano_Bar-Luce_11Milano_Bar-Luce_15Я думаю о него и у Прада это замечательно получилось. Находясь в этом заведении чувствуется искусство и дух тех времен. Мне нравятся тематические заведения, которые хоть на короткое время отделяют нас от обыденной реальности.Bar Luce Collage Milano_Bar-Luce_20

Photo: Zina Esepciuc
Place: Bar Luce

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