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Corso Como 10 – the best place for inspiration


This address is familiar even to those who haven’t been to Milan, I am talking about Corso Como 10In the heart of a green and cozy patio is located the small eponymous concept store, although it is hard to name this place just a store – it is a whole art-zone, where besides the store there is an art gallery, restaurant, bookstore and even a small hotel.

I love this place, it reminds me of the Parisian Colettewhich is an international European concept store – the best place for inspiration or observation of the latest innovations and trends.

For more than 20 years this place is the iconic fashion place in Milan. Corso Como 10 was found by Carla Sozzani, the sister of one of the most influential women in the Italian and international fashion industry, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italy – Franca Sozzani. At the beginning, this place was just a gallery with a small library, but in a couple of years, the place has turned into a real art-zone.

Thanks to Carla’s impeccable taste and to the big influence that Corso Como 10 has in the fashion world, many designers create exclusive capsule collections for this store! Certainly, in this place, you can buy the most stylish and fashionable clothes!

corso-como-9 corso-como-10 corso-como-11 corso-como-12 corso-como-13

At least once in two months in Carla Sozzani’s gallery the exhibitions of the contemporary photographers and painters  are updated. I try not to miss any of them. For me, it is like a breath of fresh air. Although sometimes the things I see leave me with confusing impressions.

corso-como-19 corso-como-20 corso-como-21 corso-como-22
Another part that I adore in Corso Como 10 is the bookstore where I often buy books about fashion at a good price, especially when I buy the last example.

corso-como-14 corso-como-15 corso-como-16 corso-como-17 corso-como-18

One more thing that is different about this store is the fact that it is almost always opened, and when other restaurants are closed, you can enjoy in here a cup of matcha tea with delicious heart-shaped cookies. In this place, I have discovered the dish that is the first thing that I eat when I arrive in Milan: fresh artichokes with parmesan, mmmm…..

corso-como-2 corso-como-3 corso-como-4 corso-como-5

I was always surprised if someone hasn’t been to Corso Como 10 during his trip to Milan because this place is one of the greatest attractions of my favorite city. The place where the inconspicuous entrance opens a completely different world!

corso-como-23 corso-como-25 corso-como-26

Photo: Tanya Volobueva

Milan, Corso Como 10

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